[sheepdog-users] Presentation at CloudOpen Japan 2014

Hitoshi Mitake mitake.hitoshi at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 04:37:26 CEST 2014

On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 11:23 AM, Hitoshi Mitake
<mitake.hitoshi at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi sheepdog users and developers,
> I had a presentation at CloudOpen Japan 2014. This is the slide of the talk:
> http://events.linuxfoundation.org/sites/events/files/slides/sheepdog_COJ14.pdf

BTW, I introduced some use cases of sheepdog in the slide. In these
days, a number of companies using sheepdog is increasing in Japan. I'd
like to introduce them.

A.T.WORKS: http://rental-private-cloud.jp/
The pioneer of sheepdog based service. Their service, rental private
cloud, is described in the above slide.

LINK: http://www.at-link.ad.jp/cloud/privatecloud.html?cvsg=w00522
OEM-ed rental private cloud for small scale environment.

GaiaX: http://solution.gaiax.co.jp/tec/privatecloud_lp.html
OEM-ed rental private cloud for large scale environment.

itcore: http://www.itcore.jp/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/press_SD20140610_00.pdf
Full SSD based IaaS for high performance requirements.


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