[sheepdog] [PATCH] call a default signal handler in crash_handler()

MORITA Kazutaka morita.kazutaka at lab.ntt.co.jp
Fri Apr 12 09:11:30 CEST 2013

At Fri, 12 Apr 2013 15:00:18 +0800,
Liu Yuan wrote:
> On 04/12/2013 02:53 PM, MORITA Kazutaka wrote:
> > If we don't call the default handler by re-raising the signal, the
> > process doesn't dump a core file.  Actually, current collie and logger
> > cannot generate a core file.
> > 
> > Sheep can generate a core file on my environment because the default
> > handler is called after crash_handler().  However, the behavior of the
> > process when we don't exit in the SIGSEGV handler is not defined
> > according to POSIX.  If we call exit() in crash_handler(), we cannot
> > get the core file.
> Okay, the intention is clear. But I don't still understand the comment
> in sd_printf(). This is called inside crash_handler. So this means
> logger is terminated but sheep who receive the signal will continue run?
> The 'process' in the comment is kind of obscure

Do you mean crash_handler() in logger.c?  The re-raised signal will be
sent to itself (the logger process), so it doesn't terminate sheep.
The string should be "default handler for signal xxx didn't terminate
the logger process"?



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