[stgt] help tgt segfault

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Thu Jan 15 11:34:52 CET 2009

Tomasz Chmielewski schrieb:

>> I'm not sure how to reproduce it reliably... Anyone out there using DRBD?
>> If you could provide me some "debug" version of tgtd, maybe?

All right - to reproduce the segfaults reliably, set the link speed 
between the target and the initiator to as little as 5 kB/s, then start 
lots of reads and writes.

It will segfault pretty fast, at least it does for me (the repeated 
segfaults I pasted before were because I kill/restart tgtd as soon as 
there is only one tgtd process running).

Tomasz Chmielewski
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