[stgt] 1.0.6 released

FUJITA Tomonori fujita.tomonori at lab.ntt.co.jp
Thu Jul 1 17:35:06 CEST 2010

This includes a remote exploit fix for iSNS. If you enable iSNS, you
should upgrade to this version:


As usual, you can get the code via the git tree too.

Alexander Nezhinsky (5):
      Moved check for is_debug from log_debug() function to dprintf() macro
      register custom log SIGSEGV handler
      improve logger init message
      added safety checks for the logarea pointer
      add support to change the debug property on the fly

FUJITA Tomonori (19):
      iscsi: remove duplicated ISCSI_LISTEN_PORT define
      bs: use single notification pthread
      bs: kill sig_finished_lock and sig_finished_list
      clean up tgt_device_create on passthrough
      bs_sg: clean up passthrough
      simplify device_type_lookup
      bs: make bs_sig_request_done static
      add tgt_event_* helper functions
      export sig_fd in bs
      iscsi: use pthread per target for tcp
      recommend signalfd in README
      iscsi: add iSCSI performance tip to README
      iscsi: add target redirect support
      add a helper function to run an external program
      tgtadm: fix the commit 90b36cc066bbcdc9fc68bca89e9a069b883bcc84 regressions
      iscsi: add mutual authentication for discovery
      iscsi: fix isns_attr_query() and send_scn_rsp() buffer overflow
      iscsi: fix the handling of bogus tlv->length
      tgt 1.0.6

Nicholas A. Bellinger (2):
      add proper STGT LUN backstore passthrough support
      add bs_sg struct device_type_template sg_template and struct backingstore_template->bs_init()

Nicholas Bellinger (1):
      add BSG v4 backstore support to usr/bs_sg.c

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