[wpkg-announce] Announcement: WPKG 1.3.0 released

Rainer Meier r.meier at wpkg.org
Thu Dec 8 15:55:29 CET 2011


Another great day in WPKG development.
A lot of enhancements and bug fixes have been added to WPKG since the last 
official release (1.2.0). Due to the big amount of enhancements I have decided 
to release a new minor version instead of a patch release. So WPKG 1.3.0 is 
released now.

WPKG 1.3.0 is identical to the last pre-release (1.2.1-RC49). Note that this 
version still includes 100% compatibility with previous WPKG 1.2.0. So upgrading 
is supposed to be as easy as replacing wpkg.js with the latest version. Due to 
this fact I will discontinue support for WPKG 1.2.x. Please upgrade to version 
1.3 as soon as possible.
Should you discover any unexpected incompatibility please report to the list or 
the bug tracker.

You will only have to update your packages if you want to make use of any new 
feature like enhanced host matching or new command structure. Refer to the 
included XML samples and templates. The samples and templates have been updated 
to use XSD validation as well as many comments have been revised and/or added.

Please also note that the release package now comes with extended documentation 
in HTML format. You will find some automatically generated documentation of XML 
structure as well as a lot of project information in the "site/" folder included 
in the package. Just open "site/index.html" with your favorite web browser.

The release package can be downloaded here:

MD5: bd1fb4c07f03685051f792fb2b602777
SHA1: aeec39a0de4d115dc1db5a265addb00b487c35f6

Of course you can always get the the release files directly from SVN too:

Or WPKG 1.3.0 release tag:

Again I would like to take the chance to say THANK YOU to the whole community 
for loyalty and support in the past years. All these enhancements and through 
testing would not have been possible without your continued support and a 
continuously growing user base.

Please continue to contribute in any form; no matter whether you add unattended 
switch information to the wiki, test features, file bugs, submit updates, 
discuss new features, support other users on the mailing list or by simply using 
WPKG. All this will help us to continue this great project.

A complete list of changes since WPKG 1.2.0 release:

= CHANGES FOR 1.3 release

Change notes
WPKG Version: 1.3.0
Author:     : Rainer Meier <skybeam (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Date        : 2011-12-08
Status      : release pending

Changes/fixes visible to the user:
- Fixed possibility to catch "file not found" on command execution.
- Minor typo and formatting fixes.
- Fixed order of include for XML files from sub-directories.
- Further improvements on XML reading.
- Fixed one more bug when reading XML files from folders.
- Extended host attribute matching for checks.
- Ext. host attribute matching for dependencies, chain, includes and downloads.
- Fixed English LCID message in config.xml.
- Speed up termination of short-running tasks.
- Fixed literal sorting of XML files during read from directory.
- Updated logfile handling.
- Enhanced command-line parsing.
- Added qualifiers for command-line switches.
- Added lcidOS advanced host matching attribute.
- Fix for lcidOS reading.
- Printing WPKG version later during init process.
- Added extended host attribute matching for host/profile and profile/depends.
- Logfile handling improvement.
- Added expansion of environment variables in download URLs.
- Fixed download timeout.
- Fixed download during package removal.
- Fixed typo on reading expandURL attribute from download nodes.
- Added package command inclusion.
- New options to /query argument.
- Verious smaller fixes.
- Fixed XSD and moved installdate/uninstalldate to profile.
- Fixed quiet mode.
- Added file date comparison operation for checks.
- Fixed XSD package include.
- Improved handling of command include recursion detection.
- (Re-)fixed download tag.
- Updated package templates to include latest WPKG features.
- Limited file date equal comparison to 1-second resolution.
- Support for host checks in <check /> nodes.
- Condition support for extended host attribute check nodes.
- Added generic command type specification and inclusion.
- Enhanced variable resolution (recursive variables within same node).
- Fixed typos in config files.
- Fixed typos in XSD files.
- Fixed typos in NSIS package template.
- Fixed typos in wpkg.js (non-functional related).
- Modified XSD data structure eliminating duplicated code.
- Prevent crash in case invalid variable specification with missing attributes.
- Fixed handling of packages without any classical commands.
- Allow mixing profile and manual installations using /install:<package>
- Further improvement of NSIS template.
- Further improvement on notifications in config.xml.
- Further fix to empty environment variable definition on Win 2k/XP.
- Improved downloader.
- Updated variable expansion order.
- Efficiency improvements on variable expansion.
- Added /settings:<path> command-line argument.
- Improved variable handling. Especially for recursive variables.
- New query parameters to query host information.
- Fixed /query:m not to show execute="changed" packages if there is no change.
- Fixed /help screen messages.
- added /queryMode:remote switch to allow remote query of changes.
- Re fixed handling of empty variables on Windows XP.
- Fixed reading of host attributes in remote query mode.
- Fixed /query:l in remote query mode now showing local host information.
- Fixed error executing on remote node which did not have a matching profile.
- Fixed conditional nodes exclusion if condition does not match.
- Added files for maven-based build.
- Migrated directory structure for maven-based build.
- Added xs3p to generate HTML-based documentation from XSD files.
- Added support for multiple check nodes within a NOT logical check.
- Updated included sample files.
- Added XSD for config.xml
- Modified generated site content.
- Added XML namespace and reference to XSD in documentation files.
- Fixed WPKG error in case multiple profiles apply to a host.
- Fixed conditional expressions and checks in default namespace.
- Fixed include attribute allowing only pre-defined values.
- Fixed included Firefox package "id" attribute.
- Removed unused variable from the code.
- Added XML schema for validation to included sample packages and templates.
- Remote query did not take architecture into account.
- Storing check evaluation results in local settings database for remote use.
- Fixed replacing of check nodes during WPKG run in local settings file.
- Improved efficiency when saving check nodes to settings file.
- Fixed issue when working with wpkg.xml which does not contain check results.
- Fixed lookup of logical checks in check results in wpkg.xml.
- Not saving wpkg.xml in remote query mode.
- Added checkHost type to wpkg.xsd.
- Enhanced variable expansion in advanced host check attributes.
- Re-introduced XSLT processing during XML read.
- Fixed WPKG exit due to invalid regular expression in hosts definition.
- Fixed losing of host information in settings.
- Added XML name space to settings file.
- Added XML processing information to settings file.
- Fixed minor typo in error message about invalid XML structure loaded.
- Final release of WPKG 1.3.0

FIX: Fixed another issue that specifying a command which could not be executed
      (for example if the specified target did not exist) caused WPKG to report
      an error which could not be catched by exit code "any".
      Reverted behavior to pre-version-1.2. So WPKG in such cases returns exit
      code "-1" which can be catched by an exit code "-1" or "any" statement.
      Fixes bug 226. Thanks to Bruno Choquet for reporting.
FIX: Fixed minor typo and formatting. One bug regarding code typo is likely
      never going to be executed in production. So no real impact on live
      systems expected.
FIX: Potential fix for changed XML parsing where XML database file is included
      to the XML tree before files in sub-directory. For example host.xml was
      read before hosts/*.xml files. Therefore if hosts.xml did include a
      "catch-all" entry (e.g. name=".*") it was always taken into account first
      no matter if there is a more-specifc match in any hosts/*.xml files.
      Now WPKG first parses hosts/*.xml files (in literal order) and then reads
      hosts.xml. Thus if there is a concrete match within any hosts/*.xml file
      this match takes precedence.
      Note that this change does not have any effect if applyMultiple is not
      enabled. If applyMultiple is enabled then anyway all host matches are
      Thanks for Marco Gaiarin for initiating the discussion.
FIX: Fixed reading of XML files. Specifically reading the root node including
      attributes. The change also includes simplified XML handling. The XML
      root node name is now read from the first XML file in the list (either
      the file passed as argument or from the first file read from the XML
      directory). Therefore the XML root node name parameter is not needed any
      more. The change also eliminates the requirement for XSL transformation
      in case only a single file is loaded. This might speed up single-file
FIX: Fixed reading multiple XML files from directory. The last commit included
      too many optimizations and did not take into account that MSXML creates a
      new XML document when loadXML() is used on a XML DOM object instead of
      just modifying the existing one. So the root element has to be re-read.
NEW: Added extended host matching for <check /> nodes. This enables to specify
      checks like:
      <check type="uninstall"
             path="Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 (x86 en-US)"
      <check type="uninstall"
             path="Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 (x64 en-US)"

      So you can specify individual checks based on specific host matches like
      the host architecture, OS or other attributes.
      Thanks to "cleitet" for suggestion. Fixes bug 205.
NEW: Added extended host attribute matching support for the following package
        <depends />
        <include />
        <chain />
        <download />

      As a result the following nodes cannow deal with extended host matching:
      In hosts.xml:
      <host name="..." proifile-id="..." os="..." ... />
      <variable name="..." value="..." os="..." ... />

      In profiles.xml:
      <variable name="..." value="..." os="..." ... />
      <package package-id="..." os="..." ... />

      In packages.xml:
      <variable name="..." value="..." os="..." ... />
      <depends package-id="..." os="..." />
      <include package-id="..." os="..." />
      <chain package-id="..." os="..." />
      <download url="..." target="..." os="..." />
      <install cmd="..." os="..." />
      <upgrade cmd="..." os="..." />
      <downgrade cmd="..." os="..." />
      <remove cmd="..." os="..." />
FIX: Fixed start notification text in English LCID specification in config.xml:
      From: ...Plase safe all...
      To: ... Please save all...
      Thanks for Jeff Applegate for pointing this out.
FIX: Fixed long execution run times if many short-running external commands are
      invoked. For example if many execute-style checks were invoked and each
      check finished its task in less than 1s time, then WPKG would wait at
      least 1 second for it to finish. Unfortunately WSH is not very advanced in
      handling child processes but the algorithm has been changed in a way that
      for the first 100ms of run time the child status is checked every 10ms.
      For the next 1000ms the status is checked every 100ms. If the task is not
      finished by then the task will be checked for termination once per second.
      This allows short-running tasks to terminate quickly while preventing high
      WPKG load for monitoring on long-lasting tasks.
      Fixes bug 233. Thanks to Malte Starostik für suggestion.
FIX: XML files read from directories (e.g. hosts/*.xml, profiles/*.xml or
      packages/*.xml) have not been explcitly sorted. So the order of reading
      was depending on the OS and not strictly defined.
      Now all files are added to an array which is sorted in literal (ASCII)
      order. Keep in mind if you number your files that sort oder is literally
      and not numerically. So if you name your files "1.xml, 2,xml, 3.xml,
      10.xml, 11.xml, 20.xml" then the sort order will be:
      - 1.xml
      - 10.xml
      - 11.xml
      - 2.xml
      - 20.xml
      - 3.xml
      To prevent this try keeping the same amount of digits:
      - 01.xml
      - 02.xml
      - 03.xml
      - 10.xml
      - 11.xml
      - 20.xml
      Thanks to Donny Brooks who seems to have noticed first that the ordering
      somehow goes wrong for him.
MOD: Updated log file handling. Now there is no intermediate local log file
      created any more. Instead a log is kept in memory as long as the log file
      is not initialized. If anything goes wrong WPKG still tries to flush the
      logs at least to a log file in %TEMP%.
      This potentially increases efficiency and execution speed slightly.
MOD: Enhanced parsing of command-line parameters.
      Enhances efficiency and potentially increases startup speed.
MOD: Added possibility to add true/false qualifiers to explicitly enable or
      disable a value on command line. As requested in bug 234.
      For example the following parameters are now supported:
      /quiet           Enables quiet mode.
      /quiet:true      Same as above. Enables quiet mode.
      /quiet:false     Explicitly disables quiet mode.
      /nonotify        Disable user notification.
      /nonotify:true   Same as above. Disables user notifications.
      /nonotify:false  Explicitly re-enable user notifications.
      Check 'cscript wpkg.js /help' for details.
      Thanks to Ben Hay for reporting.
NEW: Added new advanced host matching attribute "lcidOS" which matches against
      the executing host InstallLanguage attribute found at
      The use is identical to all other advanced host matching attributes.
      <install cmd="..." os="..." lcidOS="409" />
      <upgrade cmd="..." os="..." lcidOS="409" />
      Implemented as requested by Stefan Pendl and "grigribou".
FIX: Fixed reading of system locale. The registry path was broken due to typo.
      Thanks to Grég B. for reporting.
FIX: Printing WPKG version later during initialization to prevent debug
      messages appearing in logs even if lower log levels are configured.
NEW: Added full extended host attribute matching for <profile/> nodes in
      host definitions and <depends/> nodes in profile definitions.
      Some examples...

      Assigning profiles depending on extended host attribute matching:
      <host name="...">
      	<profile id="default" os="windows xp" architecture="x86" />
      	<profile id="default-x64" os="windows xp" architecture="x64" />

      Of course the following is still possible too:
      <host name="..." profile-id="default-x64" architecture="x64" />

      Adding dependencies based on host attributes:
      <profile id="default">
      	<depends profile-id="default-x64" architecture="x64" />

      As a result the following nodes cannow deal with extended host matching:
      In hosts.xml:
      <host name="..." proifile-id="..." os="..." ... />
      <profile id="..." os="..." ... />
      <variable name="..." value="..." os="..." ... />

      In profiles.xml:
      <variable name="..." value="..." os="..." ... />
      <package package-id="..." os="..." ... />
      <depends profile-id="..." os="..." ... />

      In packages.xml:
      <variable name="..." value="..." os="..." ... />
      <depends package-id="..." os="..." />
      <include package-id="..." os="..." />
      <chain package-id="..." os="..." />
      <download url="..." target="..." os="..." />
      <install cmd="..." os="..." />
      <upgrade cmd="..." os="..." />
      <downgrade cmd="..." os="..." />
      <remove cmd="..." os="..." />

      Thanks to Malte Starostik for providing input.
FIX: Further improvement on log file handling. Now the log file is not even
      opened if there is nothing to log. So if WPKG does not have anything to do
      and log level is set to 0x07 or lower, then WPKG will not even create an
      empty log file. Previous releases did create an empty log file in this
NEW: Expansion of environment variables in download URLs added.
      This allows specification of URLs with variables like the following:
      Note: As URLs are used to contain some percentage characters (like "%20"
      for spaces) these might be expanded too if the URL matches an environment
      variable which is defined. For example downloading from an URL like
      url="http://host/softwareX%20release%20.exe" would try to expand the
      environment "20release" as well. It's very unlikely that this collides
      with an environment variable you have actually defined but keep it in mind
      when defining download URLs.
      If you really need to disable expansion because the URL collides with
      existing environment variables then use the expandURL="false" attribute:
FIX: Fixed a bug that timeout value did not have any effect on download nodes.
FIX: Download nodes were not evaluated during package removal.
      During package install/upgrade/downgrade WPKG reads <download /> nodes
      from either the package or as a sub-node of the command-node. During
      package removal no download nodes have been taken into account even though
      it was documented to be supported.
      This has been fixed now.
      Fixes bug 193.
FIX: Fixed typo in reading expandURL attribute from download nodes.
      Fixes Bug 202. Thanks to mback2k for reporting.
NEW: Allow command inclusion. Incluiding a complete set of commands is done
      as follows:
      <install include="remove" />
      This would include all <remove /> commands into the install command list.
      WPKG also supports mixing of inclusion and real commands. For example:

      <upgrade include="remove" />
      <upgrade cmd="%SOFTWARE%\system-preparation" />
      <upgrade include="install" />

      This example would first execute all defined <remove /> commands, then
      execute the "system-preparation" binary and after this execute all defined
      <install /> commands.

      WPKG includes a detection for recursive inclusions. For example:
      <install include="upgrade" />
      <upgrade include="install" />
      <upgrade cmd="%SOFTWARE%\some-binary" />

      THis will make WPKG complain about recursion. WPKG will just ignore the
      recursive inclusion of <install /> but sill execute "some-binary" during
      the install process.
      Check the logs for recursion errors (severity: error).

      This change is supposed to fix bug 184 (resp. enhancement request).
      Thanks to Stefan Pendl for suggesting.

      Fixes/implements enhancement request 188 as well. Thanks to Peter Hoeg.
NEW: Implemented new options for the /query argument. It now supports the
      following options:
        a   Query all packages.
        x   List packages which are not installed but in package database.
        i   List all packages which are currently installed.
        I   List packages which are about to be installed during
        u   List packages which are about to be upgraded during
        d   List packages which are about to be downgraded during
        r   List packages which are about to be removed during synchronization.
        m   List all modifications which would apply during synchronization
            (equal to Iudr)
        n   List packages which belong to the profile but are not modified
            during synchronization.

      The options can be combined. For example /query:du would print just
      packages which are about to be upgraded or downgraded during next
      The "m" option is a shortcut for /query:Iudr. So if you want to get a
      full list of all changes which will happen during next synchronization
      just use /query:m.
      Another example:
      If you want to see the list of packages as it will be after the next
      synchronization just use /query:Iudn. This will list packages which are
      new (I), upgraded (u), downgraded (d) and the ones which are already
      applied and are not modified (n).
FIX: Fixed a couple of bugs in install function which only affected very rare
FIX: Fixed bug in XSD. Packages do not have installdate/uninstalldate
      attributes. Instead this attribute is supported within a package-
      assignment in the profile only. Moved attribute from package to profile.
FIX: Fixed bug that quiet mode was always on by default (should default to off)
      and therefore debug messages were sent to event log.
      Thanks to Heiko Helmle for reporting.
NEW: Added file date comparison operations to checks. Basically you can compare
      - file creation date
      - file modification date
      - file access time
      You can compare the date to a date string passed in the value attribute or
      compare to an existing file.
      Basic syntax example:
      <check type='file'
      value='@%SystemDrive%\test-comparison.txt' />

      Valid conditions are:
      - datemodifyequalto   (Modify date equal to)
      - datemodifynewerthan (Modify date newer than)
      - datemodifyolderthan (Modify date older than)
      - datecreateequalto   (Create date equal to)
      - datecreatenewerthan (Create date newer than)
      - datecreateolderthan (Create date older than)
      - dateaccessequalto   (Access date equal to)
      - dateaccessnewerthan (Access date newer than)
      - dateaccessolderthan (Access date older than)

      The 'value' attribute has to contain a string in the following format:

      Relative timestamp (in minutes):
      -100     Means the file timestamp is compared to the timestamp 100
               minutes ago.
      +50      Means the file timestamp is compared to the timestamp 50
               minutes in the future.

      Absolute timestamp in ISO 8601 format:
      "2007-11-23 22:00"            (22:00 local time)
      "2007-11-23T22:00"            (Both, "T" and space delimiter are allowed)
      "2007-11-23 22:00:00"         (specifies seconds which default to 0 above)
      "2007-11-23 22:00:00.000" (specifies milliseconds which default to 0)

      It is allowed to specify the timezone as well:
      "2007-11-23 22:00+01:00"      (22:00 CET)
      "2007-11-23 21:00Z"           (21:00 UTC/GMT = 22:00 CET)
      "2007-11-23 22:00+00:00"      (21:00 UTC/GMT = 22:00 CET)

      Prefix your value with the '@' character in order to point to a file to
      which the timestamp of the file referred in path is compared.

      Special terms:
      last-week           Check afainst timestamp of exactly one week ago (7 days).
      last-month          Check afainst timestamp of exactly one month ago (30 
      last-year           Check afainst timestamp of exactly one year ago (365 
      yesterday           Check afainst timestamp of yesterday (24 hours ago).

      Some more examples:
      Check if file has been modified after 15th of September 2011 15:00:
        <check type='file'
          value='2011-09-15T15:00' />

      Check if file has been accessed within the last week:
        <check type='file'
          value='last-week' />

      Check if file is older than one day (24 hours):
        <check type='file'
          value='yesterday' />

      Check if file is older than 12 hours (720 minutes)
        <check type='file'
          value='-720' />

      Implements change requested in Bug 147.
      Thanks to Jason Oster.
FIX: Fixed XSD of packages. Command-nodes are included using the 'include'
      Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting.
FIX: Improved handling of recursive command inclusion. Inclusions where the
      loop did not include the root element were not detected properly. For
      upgrade -> remove -> downgrade -> remove
      This did cause an unhandled infinite loop.
      The new implementation will detect it and ignore the inclusion of remove
      from downgrade (printing an error to the log).
FIX: Fixed download tag. Thanks for Heiko Helmle for reporting and providing
NEW: Updated package templates to include latest WPKG features.
      Thanks to Stefan Pendl. Fixes bug 238.
NEW: Updated package templates to include latest WPKG features.
      Fixes bug 238. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.
NEW: When doing file date equal comparison to a date entered in ISO8601 format
      then milliseconds are ignored. So the comparison resolution is limited to
      1 second intervals.
      WPKG still applies full millisecond resolution when comparing to reference
      files or when using the olderthan/newerthan operators.
      Fixes bug 237. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.
NEW: Added support for "host" checks in <check /> nodes. All additional host
      check attributes are supported. Some examples:
      <check type="host" condition="hostname" value="^hostname$" />
      <check type="host" condition="os" value="windows 7" />
      <check type="host" condition="architecture" value="x64" />
NEW: Enhanced host attributes check modification applied. Now all XML nodes
      which support enhanced host attribute checks also allow more complex
      "condition" checks.
      Conditions specify whether the given node is applied or simply ignored
      by WPKG. The checks supported are identical to the checks supported for
      package installation.
      Here are some examples...

      Conditional installation
      <profile id="default">
      	<package id="pidgin" >
             <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="Pidgin" />
        </package />

      Apply a package only if it is already installed. For example this could
      be used if users are allowed to install software. In case Pidgin was
      already installed when WPKG is run, then the package is applied.
      Caution: Your checks have to match the old and the new version on future
      updates. If you forget to update the check for future versions then you
      might end up with a profile which "lost" this package after upgrade and
      therefore results in uninstall on subsequent runs.
      For example an application with an uninstall entry of "App 1.0" should
      be checked for "App.*" (regular expression) instead of checking the full
      "App 1.0" string. Since later versions are likely to be named "App 1.1"
      or similar the condition will not match it and therefore the package is
      removed from the profile.

      Advanced host check (new style)
      Conditions combined with the new "host" type checks introduced in this
      update allows you to specify host checks in more advanced way. One
      <package id="pidgin" revision="1">
        <install cmd='setup-32.exe ...'>
             <check type="host" condition="architecture" value="x86" />
        <install cmd='setup-64.exe ...'>
             <check type="host" condition="architecture" value="x64" />

      This definition is identical to:
      <package id="pidgin" revision="1">
        <install cmd='setup-32.exe ...' architecture="x86" />
        <install cmd='setup-64.exe ...' architecture="x64" />

      Sure the later one (old style) is much shorter but offers less flexibility
      in terms of logical condition chaining. Moreover future attributes might
      clash with future attributes.
      The following construct would be possible too:

      <package id="pidgin" revision="1">
        <install cmd='setup-64.exe ...'>
             <check type="logical" condition="or">
               <check type="host" condition="architecture" value="x64" />
               <check type="host" condition="os" value="windows 7" />
               <check type="logical" condition="and">
                 <check type="uninstall" condition="exists" path="some-prog" />
                 <check type="registry" condition="exists" path="HKLM\..." />

      This would execute "setup-64.exe" only if either the architecture is x64,
      the OS string matches "windows 7" or if "some-prog" is installed along
      with a registry key.

      NOTE: Currently both advanced host checks are supported, the old
      attribute-style and the new check-style using condition XML nodes.
      In future versions of WPKG the attributes might be dropped.

NEW: Commands can now be defined in a more well-grouped format:
      <package id='pidgin' name='Pidgin IM' revision='2.10.0'>
        <check type='uninstall' condition='exists' path='Pidgin' />
          <command type="install" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\..."' />
          <command type="remove" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\..."' />
          <command type="upgrade" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\..."' />
          <command type="downgrade" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\..."' />

      It's also allowed to mix old and new style where old-style commands are
      installed first:

      <package id='pidgin' name='Pidgin IM' revision='2.10.0'>
        <check type='uninstall' condition='exists' path='Pidgin' />
        <install type="install" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\install1.cmd"' />
          <command type="install" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\install2.cmd"' />
          <command type="remove" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\..."' />
          <command type="upgrade" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\..."' />
          <command type="downgrade" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\..."' />

      Here WPKG would first install "install1.cmd" and then "install2.cmd".
      This is still the case if the commands are re-ordered:

      <package id='pidgin' name='Pidgin IM' revision='2.10.0'>
        <check type='uninstall' condition='exists' path='Pidgin' />
          <command type="install" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\install2.cmd"' />
          <command type="remove" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\..."' />
          <command type="upgrade" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\..."' />
          <command type="downgrade" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\..."' />
        <install type="install" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\install1.cmd"' />

      Here still "install1.cmd" is launched first and then "install2.cmd".

      This new style of commands also allows you to specify any artificial name
      for type and refer to it in includes.
      For example:

      <package id='pidgin' name='Pidgin IM' revision='2.10.0'>
          <command type="install" include='prepare' />
          <command type="install" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\install.cmd"' />
          <command type="install" include='cleanup' />

          <command type="remove" include='prepare' />
          <command type="remove" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\remove.cmd"' />
          <command type="remove" include='cleanup' />

          <command type="upgrade" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\upgrade.cmd"' />

          <command type="downgrade" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\downgrade.cmd"' />

          <command type="prepare" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\prepare1.cmd"' />
          <command type="prepare" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\prepare2.cmd"' />

          <command type="cleanup" cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\cleanup.cmd"' />

      In this example WPKG would launch the following commands during
      - prepare1.cmd
      - prepare2.cmd
      - install.cmd
      - cleanup.cmd
      During remove the following commands would be run:
      - prepare1.cmd
      - prepare2.cmd
      - remove.cmd
      - cleanup.cmd

      NOTE: WPKG will not run any of the "prepare" or "cleanup" commands
      automatically if not included by command types known to WPKG (install,
      remove, upgrade or downgrade at time of writing).

      This is supposed to implement as well a request by Peter Hoeg
      submitted in Bug 184.
FIX: Enhanced recursive variable evaluation. Variables can now be used within
      other variable definitions as long as they are specified in correct order.
      For example specifying the following shall work now:

      <variable name="ext_id" value="{e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}" />
      <variable name="ext_dirname" value="lightning" />
      <variable name="instdir" value="%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla \
                Thunderbird\extensions\%ext_id%" />

      Note that the last variable included a variable which is defined within
      the package itself. Previously it was only allowed to include variables
      which were defined at a different level (host, profile...).

      Fixes bug 236. Thanks to Kalyniak Oleksandr.
FIX: Fixed typos in config files.
      Fixes bug 239. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.
FIX: Fixed typos in XSD files.
      Fixes bug 240. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.
FIX: Fixed typos in NSIS package template.
      Fixes bug 241. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.
FIX: Fixed typos in wpkg.js (non-functional related).
      Fixes bug 242. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.
MOD: Modified XSD data structure. Moved common elements to wpkg.xsd in order
      not to duplicate documentation.
FIX: Prevent crash in case of invalid XML wehere a <variable /> node is missing
      either the name or value attribute. WPKG will now print an error to the
      logs and ignore the variable.
      Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting. Fixes bug 243.
FIX: Fixed handling of packages which do not use classic commands but only the
      new commands style using <commands /> node.
      Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting. Fixes bug 244.
NEW: New feature allowing manual package installation to be combined with
      If a package is installed manually using the /install:<package> command-
      line switch, then the package is added to the local package database and
      retained during future synchronizations.
      In previous versions of WPKG you could have either installed packages via
      profiles or manually but if you installed a package manually then
      subsequent synchronizations would have removed the package if it was not
      part of the profile. This enhancement allows local administrators to
      manually install any package provided in the package database. Packages
      installed manually will also be updated on subsequent synchronizations.
      Let's provide some examples.

      Host A has the following packages assigned:
      - Pidgin
      - Thunderbird

      A local administrator would like to install Firefox on the machine too.
      Of course as a local admin he could also install Firefox using the Mozilla
      installer but this would mean he has to take care about updates and
      potentially synchronize such update actions with the IT departement.
      Now a local administrator could simply use the "wpkg.js /install:firefox"
      command (of course given the fact that the IT departements maintains a
      package called "firefox") and get the official Firefox package installed.

      On future "wpkg.js /synchronize" runs WPKG will update the "firefox"
      package in the same way as if the IT departement would have added
      "firefox" to the profile applied to the host. Therefore on the host as
      defined above WPKG would look for updates on Pidgin, Thunderbird and
      Firefox during synchronization.

      If the IT departement decides to remove the "firefox" package from the
      server-side package database this likely means that support is dropped and
      Firefox shall not be used any more. In such case WPKG would also remove
      the package manually installed via /install:firefox on synchronization.

      So as you see the /install:<package> switch can be used by local
      administrators to kind of modify or extend the server-based profile with
      some manually chosen packages which keep updated automatically when
MOD: Updated package template for NSIS using _? parameter which works with most
      NSIS installers to prevent installer forking.
      Thanks to Malte Starostik. Further request in Bug 241.
MOD: Further improvement of default user notification strings in config.xml.
      Thanks to Malte Starostik. Further request in Bug 239.
FIX: Fixed setting empty environment varaible value on Windows 2k/XP.
      Thanks to Stefan Pendl for poiting this out. Fixes Bug 243.
MOD: Improved downloader.
      Now supports UNC paths in download URL. If UNC path is specified the
      file is copied using robocopy.exe utility which is built-in into newer
      Windows versions (Windows 7). For older Windows Versions (Windows XP) it
      can be downloaded via the resource kit of Windows Server 2003 and placed
      in the downloader tool folder.
      Referring to UNC directories (eg. "\\server\share\folder\" (note the
      trailing slash) will synchronize the whole folder to the target directory.
      Of course MD5/SHA1 verification is only available when copying single
      files but not when synchronizing complete folder structures.
      Extensions inspired by enhancements made by David Petterson.
      Thank you!
MOD: Changed variable expansion order. Now the order is clearly defined as
      - Host variables
      - Profile variables (in reverse order, dependencies first)
      - Package variables
      This way package variables can refer to profile variables.
      Profile variables in turn can refer to host variables.
      Variables can always also include the value of variables already defined
      using the %VARIABLE% syntax in the value attribute of the variable
      definition. So for example a package variable can refer to a profile
      variable. A package variable can also refer to a variable defined within
      the same package as long as the variable it refers to appears before the
      one referring to it.
      Thanks to Brent A Nelson for pointing us to the issue.
      Thanks to Stefan Pendl for analyzing the issue.
MOD: Improved variable reading using caches for host and profile variables.
NEW: Added /settings:<path> command-line parameter. It allows to specify an
      alternative path to the settings file on command-line rather than
      specifying setings_file_path and settings_file_name in config.xml.
      Note: /settings:<path> takes precedence over config.xml settings.

      Path to the settings (local WPKG database) file to be used. The path might
      be absolute or relative but including the XML file name. This parameter is
      entirely OPTIONAL and should normally not be specified at all.
      If not specified the settings file will be searched at:
      	e.g. '%SystemRoot%\system32\wpkg-custom.xml'.
              e.g. '\\\\server\share\directory\\[HOSTNAME].xml'.
      If you store the settings file on a share make sure the names is unique!
      You can use environment variables as well as the following expressions:
       [HOSTNAME]  Replaced by the executing hostname.
       [PROFILE]   Replaced by the concatenated list of profiles applied.

	 This feature will potentially ease reporting as settings XML files stored
	 on a share can be queried against the host database using wpkg.js
	 directly. So no duplicated code with external tools is required to
	 determine whether a package is scheduled to be changed.
	 Thanks to Kai Pastor for the hint.
MOD: Improved variable handling. Now variables can overwrite previously defined
      variables even if they are defined recursively.
      For example it is possible to "extend" a previously defined variable in
      hosts with a variable defined in profiles or packages. So the following
      is valid now:
      Hosts:       SOFTWARE=\\host\software-share
      Profiles:    SOFTWARE=%SOFTWARE%\subdirectory
      Package:     SOFTWARE=%SOFTWARE%\subdir-of-subdir
NEW: Implemented new query parameters:
          s - List host attributes from settings (wpkg.xml).
          l - List host attributes read from local host.
      The "s" option is mainly implemented for statistical and reporting
      purpose. If the local settings database (settings.xml) is copied to any
      host, then this option allows to query the host information attributes
      stored in wpkg.xml. It's supposed to be used with the /settings:<path>
      option therefore.
      e.g. wpkg.js /settings:\\server\share\wpkg-<HOSTNAME>.xml /query:s
      This will show the host attributes of of <HOSTNAME> as enclosed within the
      XML datastructure.
      The "l" option has been mainly implemented for testing purposes. It can
      be used to debug the host attribute parameters read by WPKG. It will
      always read the host attributes from the host wpkg.js is run on.
FIX: /query:m shall list execute="changed" packages only if there are other
      changes to be performed.
      Fixes bug 246. Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting.
FIX: Fixed formatting errors in help message (/help switch).
      Fixes bug 247. Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting.
NEW: Added /queryMode:<local|remote> command line switch and remoteMode
      configuration parameter. This switch is used to create reliable queries
      on expected changes to a host when running WPKG on a remote node.
      For example when you copy wpkg.xml of a client to your server and use
      wpkg.js /query:im /settings:local\wpkg.xml
      just to query the impact of the next synchronization to this client.
      IN this case WPKG needs to know the host attributes like hostname, IP-
      addresses, architecture etc.
      In remote query mode WPKG will read these values from wpkg.xml (if
      available, check that settingsHostInfo parameter in config.xml is

      Here's a description of the new parameter as added to config.xml:
           Allows to switch to remote mode where package verification is skipped.
      remote: Disable package checks and assume that packages in settings
              database are still correctly installed. In remote mode also the
              host information is read from the local settings database.
      local:  Default setting. Query verifies package status using all checks.
      Note: Query mode can only be used with the query switch. It is ignored
      if no /query: command line parameter is used.

      Details: If you intend to copy the local wpkg.xml file to a remote system
      and execute WPKG queries based on this settings database (wpkg.xml) then
      WPKG might print some packages as "required for installation" since the
      package checks fail on the remote host as the package might not be
      installed on the remote host. If remote mode is enabled, then WPKG assumes
      that the packages are properly installed on the executing host without
      actually verifying it.
      Of course it might happen in this case that a package query on the remote
      system says that a package does not need any change but on the real system
      the user might have removed the software meanwhile which will trigger an
      installation if WPKG is run on the client.

      Also note that in remote query mode WPKG will read all host attributes
      from the settings file (wpkg.xml) if these attributes are available. This
      includes hostname, architecture, OS, IP addresses, domainname, groups,
      LCID of the executing user and LCID of the operating system.
      This is required in order to allow evaluation of all conditional
      attributes in exactly the same way as it will evaluate on the client.
FIX: Re-Fixed evaluation of empty variables.
      Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting.
FIX: Fixed use of host attributes read from settings file in remote mode.
      Caching did prevent the values read from settings to become effective.
      Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting.
FIX: In remote query mode /query:l did show the contents of the remote host as
      read from settings (wpkg.xml).
      Added cache purging in order to read these attributes from the local host
FIX: If executed in remote query mode WPKG failed if there was no profile
      assigned to the host executing WPKG (the remote host).
      Initialization of debug messages about assigned profiles has been delayed
      and for queries this information is skipped.
      Fixes issue reported by Stefan Pendl. Thank you!
FIX: Conditional nodes which did not match were not excluding the enclosing
      XML node. Therefore negative evaluation of conditions did not have
      any effect.
      Fixes bug 248. Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting.
NEW: Added files for maven-based build.
MOD: Moved file/directory structure for maven-based build.
NEW: Added xs3p to generate HTML-based documentation from XSD files.
NEW: Allowing multiple checks in logical "NOT" check. If multiple checks are
      specified, then the checks are "And-linked" which means that in case any
      of the sub-checks fails, then the result is "true". If all checks succeed,
      then the result is "false".
      <check type="logical" condition="not">
        <check type="host" condition="hostname" value="HOSTNAME"/>
        <check type="host" condition="os"       value="5\.0\.\d{4}"/>
      The check will be false only if the host is named HOSTNAME and runs OS
      version 5.0.x (Windows 2000).
      If the OS version does not match or the hostname is different, then the
      result is true, no matter which of the checks (or all) fail.
      Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting the inconsistency between
      implementation and XSD.
NEW: Additional files for Maven-based build.
NEW: Automatic build of Maven site, including XSD documentation references.
      Maven build creates site documentation including project information:
      - Team information
      - Mailing list references
      - Issue tracker reference
      - Project license
      - Source repository references
      - XSD documentation (hosts, profiles, packages)
MOD: Updated included config.xml, hosts.xml, profiles.xml and packages.xml.
      - Added XML namespace and references to XSD.
      - Updated in-line documentation.
      - Upgraded to latest syntax.
      - Reviewed comments and references.
NEW: Added XSD for config.xml.
NEW: Modified generated site content.
NEW: Added XML namespace and reference to XSD in documentation files.
FIX: Fixed WPKG error in case multiple profiles apply to a host.
      Thanks to Jürgen Depicker for reporting.
Changes 2011-10-28, v1.2.1-RC40 by Rainer Meier <r.meier (at) wpkg.org>
FIX: Conditional expressions are defined in generic wpkg namespace at
      http://www.wpkg.org/wpkg. Element form default has been set to unqualified
      in order to hide (localize) namespaces. Thus eliminating the requirement
      to specify condition and check nodes with namespace qualifier.
      Fixes bug 249. Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting.
FIX: Within the <command /> node the "include" attribute shall allow any string
      to be used. Not just install/upgrade/downgrade/remove.
      Fixed in XSD.
      Fixes bug 249. Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting.
FIX: Fixed id of default Firefox package included in packages/firefox.xml. The
      Profile was referring to "firefox" while the package was called "Firefox".
      As WPKG by default is case-sensitive it did not match. So the "id" has
      been changed to "firefox" now.
FIX: Removed unused variable from the code.
      Fixes bug 253. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.
MOD: Added XML schema for validation to included sample packages and templates.
      Fixes bug 251. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.
FIX: Remote query did not take architecture into account as saved within
      the settings database (wpkg.xml).
      Fixes bug 252. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.

      NOTE: Remote query will not take into account speial conditions based on
      other checks like file, registry, execute or uninstall. The reason is
      simply that these values are not available on a remote system.
      So WPKG will have to use local values for such checks.
      If you want to use remote query then you should not use such local-based
      checks in conditions in order to avoid getting query results which differ
      from the results on client side.
NEW: Added storing results of executed checks in local settings database.
      This allows to fetch the results from wpkg.xml in remote query mode.
      As a result WPKG will be able to evaluate conditions in remote query mode
      in the same way as the local node would. For example conditions in hosts
      or profiles checking for file or registry keys will be evaluated the same
      way as it evaluated on last run on the client.
      Of course remote query cannot take changes on the client into account
      which happened after last WPKG run.
      Additional change related to bug 252.
FIX: Fixed issue when a check is executed twice during the same WPKG run when
      replacing check result in settings (wpkg.xml).
      Fixes bug 252. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.
MOD: Optimized writing of settings (wpkg.xml). Avoiding unneeded sorting if
      just check nodes are added.
FIX: If previously executed check results cannot be found in wpkg.xml then
      WPKG will still evaluate the check on local machine if in remote query
      mode. This will work for "host" type checks but not for others like
      registry, file, execute etc. The results in this case might be inaccurate
      and not reflecting the real check evaluation on client side.
      An error will be printed to the logs in this case.
      Fixes bug 252. Thanks to Stefan Pendl.
FIX: Do not try to look up logical checks in previously executed checks in
      Fixes bug 252.
MOD: Not saving changes to settings (wpkg.xml) in remote query mode. Changes to
      the settings database might occur if checks are not stored within the
      given settings database and therefore checks are executed locally on
      remote node. WPKG will not store the results of such local evaluation in
      the settings file now.
MOD: Added checkHost type to wpkg.xsd to allow strict verification of host type
NEW: Added variable expansion to advanced host match attributes (variable
      expansion already worked for "host" type checks).
      Also WPKG now loads profile and host variables before advanced host
      matching is applied. So host and profile variables can be used within
      check expressions.
      Fixes bug 255. Thanks to Ross Newton.
FIX: Re-implemented XSL transforms when reading XML files. This allows some
      more "special" XML definitions which include content from other files or
      the use of XML "templating".
      The implementation might require some more through testing to verify it
      does not breask any existing package definitions. Especially when using
      mixed package definition, some using namespaces and others who don't use.
      Fixes bug 257. Thanks to Falko Trojahn.
FIX: Fixed invalid regular expression in host matching (within hosts.xml) would
      exit WPKG. Now a warning about invalid expression is printed.
FIX: Fixed lost host information in settings (wpkg.xml) due to applied XML
      transforms. Bug was introduced in transforms processing added due to
      request in bug 257. Thanks to Stefan Pendl for reporting.
NEW: Using correct name space in settings (wpkg.xml) written locally.
NEW: Added proper processing information to settings (wpkg.xml).
FIX: Fixed minor typo in error message about invalid XML structure loaded.
NEW: Final release of WPKG 1.2.1-RC49 as WPKG 1.3.0. No further code changes.

Thank you!


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