[wpkg-users] Re: "No action specified" in CLI, not with .bat file

Tomasz Chmielewski tch at wpkg.org
Sun Sep 18 12:54:55 CEST 2005

>  Hi yall,
>  First post so let me congratulate yall for this MAGIC peace of 
>  software :)))
>  For my first use of wpkg I'm about to deploy 30 WinXP boxes. I've 
>  already managed to package 30+ softwares (majority opensource+plugins 
>  etc...), only few left like MS Office 2003, Corel Office 2002 (yes 
>  they use both :@ ) and an ERP client... I'll keep yall on touch and 
>  feed the wiki at the end.

would be nice of course.

>  But, there's always one hm ! ;), I'm facing this "No action specified" 
>  when I run the wpkg.js "hand typed" on the CLI, whereas the exact 
>  same command put in a wpkg-start.bat script file and called through 
>  it, runs like a charm.

are you sure it is exactly the same command?

is it:

cscript \\path\to\wpkg.js /synchronize /quiet


make sure you have packages.xml, hosts.xml and profiles.xml in the same 
directory as wpkg.js, and that there is a host specified for a given 


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