[wpkg-users] Can't install acrobat package using WPKGSrv service

Israel Gold israel at avalon-net.co.il
Wed Mar 7 15:06:07 CET 2007

I am using WPKG 0.9.10.


When running from CMD like \\server\wpkg\wpkg-start.bat
<file:///\\server\wpkg\wpkg-start.bat>  every think works fine !!

However, no installation is done when stopping/starting the "WPKG Service"
(which executes WPKGSrv.exe) 


To make sure that is not related to Networking problem, I have copied the
acrobat MSI installation file to my local C drive.


Here is how package definition looks like:


<package id='acrobat8' name='Adobe Reader' revision='8000' priority='3'
reboot='false' >


  <check type='uninstall' condition='exists' path='Adobe Reader 8' />

  <check type="registry" condition="equals"
NT\CurrentVersion\CSDVersion" value="Service Pack 4" />

  <check type="registry" condition="equals"
NT\CurrentVersion\ProductName" value="Microsoft Windows 2000" />

  <install cmd='msiexec /q /i C:\software\win2k\AdbeRdr80.msi allusers=1'>

                                    <exit code="0" />

                                    <exit code="0" reboot="true" />


  <remove  cmd='msiexec /quiet /uninstall C:\software\win2k\AdbeRdr80.msi'

  <upgrade cmd='msiexec /q /i C:\software\win2k\AdbeRdr80.msi allusers=1'>

                                    <exit code="0" />

                                    <exit code="0" reboot="true" />





Please help !!


Dr. Israel Gold
Avalon Net Ltd.
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