[wpkg-users] Ugly perl script to check if packages are installed on a set of workstations.

Gerd Ott gerdott at taz.de
Tue Apr 1 18:22:55 CEST 2008

Your report.pl is not ugly, it's pretty pretty!

Works fine for me after adjusting the locations, even if perl -W
(v5.8.8) is saying: "Using a hash as a reference is deprecated".

BTW. If I copy the statusfiles to a share using a wpkg-package like
http://wpkg.org/Viewing_software_installed_on_workstations , I always
get the status *before* the last execution of wpkg.js. Perhaps the
better way ist to define an additional action to execute after wpkg.js.


Chris Crow schrieb:
> I was going to wait, and clean up this script, but I don't think I will
> ever come back to it.
> This script needs to be copied to the root of the wpkg share, and it
> evaluates the following locations:
> hosts/*.xml
> packages/*.xml
> profiles/*.xml
> status/*.xml (status is the directory where I copy the wpkg.xml files
> from all of the workstations)
> When you run the script, it will evaluate the list of packages that
> should be installed with the packages that are install on each computer
> in the status directory. It then prints the differences. If the program
> gives no output, then everything is up to date.
> I use this program to send a list to our desktop techs about which
> computer are out of compliance.
> I would love any feedback or improvements from anyone, or if you have a
> better way to get this type of information.
> Thanks,
> Chris

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