[wpkg-users] Ugly perl script to check if packages are installed on a set of workstations.

Chris Crow chrisc.bulk at abshernw.com
Thu Mar 27 17:27:49 CET 2008

I was going to wait, and clean up this script, but I don't think I will 
ever come back to it.

This script needs to be copied to the root of the wpkg share, and it 
evaluates the following locations:

status/*.xml (status is the directory where I copy the wpkg.xml files 
from all of the workstations)

When you run the script, it will evaluate the list of packages that 
should be installed with the packages that are install on each computer 
in the status directory. It then prints the differences. If the program 
gives no output, then everything is up to date.

I use this program to send a list to our desktop techs about which 
computer are out of compliance.

I would love any feedback or improvements from anyone, or if you have a 
better way to get this type of information.


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