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Michael Chinn Michael.Chinn at gbrmpa.gov.au
Tue Jan 18 04:23:18 CET 2011

Bits has some advantages, Namely you can throttle it using a GPO
Be warned it has a number of disadvantages, no COM interface, it self throttles 2 seconds after it detects other traffic which can be annoying

This nearly worked…

I had to deploy to about 80 laptops on intermittent connections
The idea was to have 2 kinds of package…
PACKAGE: Deploy_acrobat runs once and triggers BITS. Detects if a zip file exists at the end
PACKAGE: Install_Acrobat depends on Deploy_acrobat, has 2 commands… unpacks the zip and runs to contained setup.bat

A single Samba share was setup with all the packages (\\apps\packages<file:///\\apps\packages>)
This is used to list the contents
Apache ran with virtualhost pointing to the same directory
BITS transfers files using http
Bitsadmin.exe was used as you cannot script BITS unless you use powershell (which machines didn’t have)

Each directory was compressed using 7zip into 2mb split archives (bitsadmin doesn’t allow partial transfers) and put into a directory \deploy\
Names of folders, packages etc are kept uniform

Below is the wrapper for the BITSadmin. It uses 2 tools bitsadmin.exe and psexec.exe
Note is a proof of concept and doesn’t handle multiple downloads
if [%1] == [] (
   echo "Usage: bitsadmin.bat PACKAGENAME"
   exit /B


:: \deploy folder should contain 7z files to be extracted
:: get bitsadmin
if NOT EXIST %WINDIR%\system32\bitsadmin.exe copy /y \\apps\system\tools\bitsadmin.exe %WINDIR%\system32\
if NOT EXIST %WINDIR%\system32\psexec.exe copy /y \\apps\system\tools\psexec.exe %WINDIR%\system32\

:: runs bitsadmin as system account
SET BITSCOMMAND=psexec -i -s %WINDIR%\system32\bitsadmin.exe
SET URL=http://apps.site.com/

:: Deals with BITS In Progress by exiting
for /F %%I in ('c:\windows\system32\bitsadmin.exe  /getcompletiontime %package%') do (
  if /I %%I==WORKING (
   exit /B
:: Cancel anything outstanding
for /F "tokens=1,2,3" %%I in ('c:\windows\system32\bitsadmin.exe /rawreturn /list /allusers') do (
    c:\windows\system32\bitsadmin.exe /rawreturn /cancel %%I

:: Add the job
for /F %%I in ('c:\windows\system32\bitsadmin.exe /RAWRETURN /CREATE /DOWNLOAD %PACKAGE%') do set GUID=%%I
:: Take ownership (as system)
:: Add all the files for this package from the SMB folder of the same name
for /F %%I in ('dir /b \\apps\packages\%package%\deploy\') do %BITSCOMMAND% /RAWRETURN /ADDFILE %GUID% %url%/%package%/deploy/%%I %windir%\temp\%package%\%%I
:: when complete run complete command



At the end of the day I realised that the complexity of getting bits to run wasn’t really worth the effort. I could achieve the same results with a single package
Transferring the data using ROBOCOPY (aka poor mans rsync)
Unzipping the contents
Running setup.bat

I dynamically set the IPG (interpacket gap) for robocopy using this neat js for gateway detection

<code js>
var tsv =/^10\.10\.[0-7]\./i;
var mky =/^10\.10\.14\./i;
var rok =/^10\.10\.13\./i;
var cns =/^10\.10\.12\./i;
var cba =/^10\.10\.11\./i;
var nextg =/^10\.10\.10\./i;
var gap = 0;
// Sets IPG for robocopy to use based on location
// set IPG to 'exit' if not required
var IPG = getIPAddresses();
function getIPAddresses() {
       var wmi = GetObject("winmgmts:!\\\\.\\root\\cimv2");;

       var nic = wmi.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration Where IPEnabled = True");
var e= new Enumerator(nic);
       for (; !e.atEnd(); e.moveNext()) {
                           var x = e.item().ipAddress(0);
                           if ( nextg.test(x)) {gap = 1000;}
        if ( tsv.test(x)) {gap = 0; break;}
                           if ( mky.test(x)) {gap =  200; break;}
                           if ( rok.test(x)) {gap =  200; break;}
                           if ( cns.test(x)) {gap =  200; break;}
                           if ( cba.test(x)) {gap =  500; break;}

The other alternative would be DFS-R (server 2003 R2 and up)

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I'm just wondering if anyone has ever taken a look at using BITS to transfer files to the client?  Having recently started a new job where I have 250+ sites that I would love to use WPKG on, I have run up against a bandwidth problem; the sites are all 128k or lower bandwidth.  I got around this problem with windows updates by utilizing BITS ( built in to windows since...2000?  I think ), and it got me thinking that it would be awesome if wpkg could use the built in BITS functionality as well.

Is this one of those things that was looked at but decided against?  How else has everyone solved the bandwidth problem?
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