[wpkg-users] Running wpkg.js as System Account

LAPLAUD François laplaud at sdis72.fr
Fri Jan 7 12:03:09 CET 2011

In fact my problem is not related to Windows 7 exclusively.
I prefer not using wpkg-client because I don't want all my workstations to deploy packages at system logon.

I prefer using some scheduled task to be able to update machines during the day without waiting for a reboot.

I also don't want user notifications, except when needed (so I use the notify=true parameters in packages definition when needed).

And this way, I don't need to install anything more than a scheduled tasks.

Anyway, thanks

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Am 07.01.2011 08:50, schrieb LAPLAUD François:
> 2011/1/6 LAPLAUD François <laplaud at sdis72.fr>
>> ...
>> All is going well except that I get this error message :
>> [...]
>> Initialized temporary local log file: C:\Windows\TEMP\wpkg-logInit.log
>> Initializing new log file: \\srv-wds01.sdis72.fr\wpkg\Logs\pc1007-057.W7.log
>> Failed to open log file: ACCESS DENIED; falling back to local logging: null
>> WPKG 1.1.2 starting...
>> Base directory is '\\srv-wds01.sdis72.fr\wpkg-w7'.
>> [...]
>> I have checked shares and NTFS rights and they seems correct.
>> I then types the following command :
>> psexec \\pc1007-057 -s cmd /c echo test > \\srv-wds01.sdis72.fr\wpkg\Logs\pc1007-057.W7.log
>> And this last command works perfectly (the log file is created... with the text "test" in it)
>> Your echo test does seem to indicate that your rights on the server share are correct, which is kind of puzzling. > You might try actually logging into a workstation and running your command:
>> cscript \\srv-wds01.sdis72.fr\wpkg-w7\wpkg.js /synchronize /debug
>> from within a SYSTEM user command prompt (http://wpkg.org/SYSTEM_user_Command_Prompt).
>> I use the same method that you are attempting using beyondexec  (http://www.beyondlogic.org/solutions/remoteprocess/BeyondExec.htm), but I don't remember encountering this error.
>> Cheers,
>> Troy
> I've tried to use the systemcmd.bat file to try running \\srv-wds01.sdis72.fr\wpkg-w7\wpkg.js /synchronize /debug
> And i am getting exactly the same behaviour.
> Could this Access Denied message be a Windows 7 restriction on wsh scripts under System Account ?
> Btw, I think I made a mistake by translating my error message the French Error message I am getting is "Permission refusée" wich doesn't mean ACCESS DENIED but maybe something more like PERMISSION DENIED.
> If you have any clues ...
If I remember correctly, you use psexec. Could you make a test please,
using Wpkg Client? You could trigger Wpkg Client remotely, too, if you
just set the Wpkg Service to run "manual" and trigger the service start
via psexec. Wpkg client works flawlessly here on W7, just doesn't show
the messages on startup. That's why we are trying to get wpkg-gp running
on W7-64.


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