[wpkg-users] Is it possible to Disable/Hide the Installation progress GUI?

Daniel Dehennin daniel.dehennin at ac-caen.fr
Fri Jan 21 11:32:16 CET 2011

101 <101junkstuff at googlemail.com> writes:

> I Might not have explained this very well.
> We have no problem with the box being displayed if software is being
> installed.
> They would prefer not to have the message displayed while it checks to see
> what is available on every shutdown, only when the software is actually
> being installing.

If the "verify/install/remove..." messages bother you, just disable the
parameter sendStatus in config.xml.

You can use empty string for the logon-message-1 and logon-message-2 in

When you look at the logs, you see that wpkg knows what to
install/upgrade only when it comes to that package.

Maybe doing a two passes process, one to see what to do and another one
to do what to do and display the box only for things you want. This looks
overkilled to me.

If they care about it, this means they stay at their desk when the
computer shutdown, maybe adding as high priority package a "put screen in
standby mode" will do the job ;-)

Daniel Dehennin
RAIP de l'Orne
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