[wpkg-users] Q: Is there a way to 'clean up' the WPKG installed packages database?

John H Nyhuis jnyhuis at uw.edu
Mon Apr 18 23:56:02 CEST 2022

Is there a way to clean up the WPKG installed software database (control 

On one of our servers, WPKG thinks Adobe Acrobat 2017 (acrobatpro2017) 
is installed, but that app was removed from WPKG and uninstalled from 
the server years ago.

The acrobatpro2017 package does not appear in any of our WPKG profiles, 
having long since been replaced with our acrobatpro2020 package.

However, WPKG still keeps checking for the existence of the 
acrobatpro2017 package.  (see wpkg-start.log below)

Is there a command that can be run to clean up the installed software 
database, so WPKG does not keep wasting time with packages that have 
been removed?

Thanks in advance,

John H. Nyhuis
jnyhuis at uw.edu
Mon-Tue: (206)-685-8334
Box 359461, UWT 15th floor, 106
Wed-Thur: (206)-543-7174
Box 351617, HRC 3rd floor, 303

Going to install package 'Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017' (acrobatpro2017), 
Revision 22, (execute flag is '', notify flag is 'true').
Package 'Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017' (acrobatpro2017): Not yet processed 
during this session.
Comparing version: '22' <=> '22'.
Checking existence of package: Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017
Reading variables from package 'Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017'.
Got variable 'VERSION' of value '17.011.30199'
Got variable 'LATESTPATCH' of value 'Acrobat2017Upd1701130199.msp'
Reading variables from profile[s]
Reading variables from hosts[s]
Uninstall entry 'Adobe Acrobat 2017' matches string 'Adobe Acrobat 2017'.
Found version of 'Adobe Acrobat 2017' at 
Comparing to expected version: %VERSION%.
Comparing version: '17.011.30199' <=> '17.011.30199'.
Comparing uninstall version '17.011.30199' to expected version 
'17.011.30199' using condition 'versiongreaterorequal' returned 0.
Uninstall version check for package 'Adobe Acrobat 2017' returned true 
for operation type versiongreaterorequal.
Searching for previously executed checks with attributes 
type='uninstall', condition='versiongreaterorequal', path='Adobe Acrobat 
2017', value='%VERSION%'
Unable to find any previously executed checks with these attributes.
Saving unsorted settings to 'C:\Windows\System32\wpkg.xml'.
Saving XML : C:\Windows\System32\wpkg.xml
Package 'Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017' (acrobatpro2017): Already installed.

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