[wpkg-users] Win10 20H2+ and WPKG slowness...

Andreas Habel andreas.habel at uis.no
Thu Jun 30 11:20:26 CEST 2022


I experienced something similar -- simply scanning the WPKG packages suddenly took about an hour instead of 1-2 minutes.

I found out that I had to whitelist cscript.exe in my anti-virus scanner. Since then things have been normal again.


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I've a set of Win10 PCs with version 20H2, now slowly migrating to 21H1.

By some month, i don't know precisely if by a win10 upgrade or AV solution upgrade, WPKG (started by WPKG-GP or by hand) get 'sloooow'...

The remaining Win7 machine are perfectly normal, so don't seems a 'server side' trouble.

I meant 'slow' literally: seems that WPKG processing recipes/XML files is a commodore64, not a modern i5 machine. ;-)

Installer run normally, eg WPKG is very slow ''scanning'' recipes/XML, but when 'act' is all normal.

Someone have some clue? Thanks.

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