[iodine-users] Setting Up Iodine on macOS Sierra

Marcus Poller don_sepia at freenet.de
Thu May 11 22:51:44 CEST 2017

Dear Orkun,

> My server is running at
> "t.duman.me" with the password "abc123" and the test page
> <http://code.kryo.se/iodine/check-it/> says it's fine. But I cannot
> get the client side to connect. This is the client side log:
> https://pastebin.com/s5ha9nMu

I can connect successfully.

 1. Try another DNS-server, you are using Googles
 2. Whats your servers version and client version? pre 2014 iodine does
    not work if they missmatch.

[2] $ /usr/sbin/iodine -v
iodine IP over DNS tunneling client
version: 0.7.0 from 2014-06-16

[1] $ sudo /usr/sbin/iodine -f -P abc123 t.duman.me
Opened dns0
Opened IPv6 UDP socket
Sending DNS queries for t.duman.me to 2a02:908:2:a::1
Autodetecting DNS query type (use -T to override).
Using DNS type NULL queries
Version ok, both using protocol v 0x00000502. You are user
Setting IP of dns0 to
Setting MTU of dns0 to 1130
Server tunnel IP is
Testing raw UDP data to the server (skip with -r)
Server is at, trying raw login: ....failed
Using EDNS0 extension
Switching upstream to codec Base128
Server switched upstream to codec Base128
No alternative downstream codec available, using default (Raw)
Switching to lazy mode for low-latency
Server switched to lazy mode
Autoprobing max downstream fragment size... (skip with -m fragsize)
768 ok.. ...1152 not ok.. ...960 not ok.. 864 ok.. 912 ok.. 936
ok.. ...948 not ok.. will use 936-2=934 Setting downstream fragment
size to max 934... Connection setup complete, transmitting data.


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