[sheepdog-users] Troubles upgrading from 0.3 to 0.4

Tim Molteno tmolteno at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 01:12:08 CEST 2012


Sheepdog is simply fantastic. I'm running a 6-node cluster.

I am using the debian packages 0.4.0-0+tak2b-17 and have upgraded from
the packages in the unstable distribution.
I found and installed the sheepdog-tools package as well (for
simple2farm). The wiki for upgrading isn't quite comprehensive enough
for simple folk like me.

Here are some issues I ran into, and what I did to resolve them

0) Accept the new /etc/default/sheepdog file (and remember your old
settings). Then updated the SHEEPDOG_PATH_TO_SCAN= variable with what
you had previously in SHEEPDOG_PATH=. Also set STARTUP=yes.

1) It appears that there has to be a new directory created of the form

2) One has to move all files into this directory. I.e.
    mkdir /var/lib/sheepdog/disk0
    echo 'DAEMON_ARGS="-p 7000"' > /var/lib/sheepdog/disk0/setup
    mv /var/lib/sheepdog/* /var/lib/sheepdog/disk0

3) simple2farm appears to work fine
   /usr/lib/sheepdog-tools/simple2farm /var/lib/sheepdog/disk0/obj/

4)  /usr/lib/sheepdog-tools/vnodes2autoconfig /var/lib/sheepdog/disk0
(seems to work)

5) touch /var/lib/sheepdog/disk0/startup (This file appears to be needed)

After this, things seem to be working OK. I hope this helps others
doing the upgrade (and please let me know if I've done something silly



Tim Molteno
Electronics Research
Department of Physics
University of Otago

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