[sheepdog-users] Split Brain Detection?

Bastian Scholz nimrodxx at gmx.de
Thu Jul 26 17:53:06 CEST 2012

Am 2012-06-18 21:33, schrieb Arnold Krille:
> This is most probably not a problem of sheepdog but has to do with 
> corosync.
> Normal corosync needs quorum to run, that is more then half of the
> nodes need
> to be up. On a two-node cluster this leads to the effect you see.
> Either add a third node or configure corosync to ignore the quorum.
> (But don't
> add a third node _and_ ignore quorum, that opens a can of worms named 
> split-
> brain.)

Sorry for bring back this old mail...

While testing with my current problem, i had a setup with four
zones (on two host...). If I separated two of them (kill or plug
network cable) the two remaining nodes try to recover, but failing
(somehow expectable ;-).

But with your description I await, that the remaining sheeps stops
because two are not more than the half of all nodes...



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