[sheepdog-users] Upgrade procedure?

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Mon Jun 25 10:11:06 CEST 2012

I'm currently using sheepdog v0.3.0 (2 copies) with qemu 1.0 (fedora 17
backported to centos 6.2) on my pre-production cluster running on 4
machines. The current status seems to be fine with some rarely qemu
segfault mentioned earlier by 'David Douard'. The performance is impressive
and the cluster recovery process seems working properly when i got storage
problem last week on one node.

Now I'm testing the recent sheepdog on git with my test cluster (running in
3 VMs with 2 copies) and found that the storage backend has been changed
from 'simple' to 'farm'. I still haven't test the upgrade procedure from
v0.3.0 yet since my test cluster have some task to do so may I ask if
there's any 'ONLINE' upgrade procedure to upgrade sheepdog from v0.3.0 to
current master version on git? The process I planned to use is by following:

- kill 1 node and remove from cluster
- upgrade to the recent sheepdog version.
- clear all the target backend folder used by old sheepdog. (rm -rf
/var/sheepdog ?)
- start sheepdog again and wait until cluster recovery process done.
- then do the above process with each other machines until complete.

Is there anything I should take care of?

Best Regards,

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