[sheepdog-users] Setting an alternate binding address

Werner van der Walt werner at softselect.biz
Mon Apr 1 19:15:56 CEST 2013


After having experimented with sheepdog in a lab environment it has become
clear to me that it uses whatever IP has been set for the corosync
communications as its advertised cluster IP address. I had a look at the
documentation and saw that there were two options that looked like they may
enable you to set an alternative IP address other than the one used by
The one option was sheep -i <new ip> and the other option sheep -y <new
ip>. I tried both of these but when I do a collie cluster info then it
still shows the original corosync IP and not the new set IP. When executing
the command it does not return any errors so it looks like it runs
successfully but you can't see any changes taking place whatsoever.

The test machine has 4 nics - 1 for corosync comms, 1 for DRBD replication
comms, 1 x SAN comms and 1 for the management network. I am using pacemaker
on this same machine to provide a virtual IP which other servers use to
connect to and I would like to assign this virtual IP as the bind address
for sheepdog as well. That way if pacemaker and DRBD fails over onto the
2nd node then my sheepdog cluster will still be available and usable by my
KVM hosts.

Also where would the any sheepdog errors be logged? I checked in
/var/log/syslog but there is nothing there. I also checked in
/var/lib/sheepdog/sheep.log but there are no errors in there either.
Is there a way to enable debug logging so I can check exactly what sheepdog
is busy doing?




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