[sheepdog-users] Stability issues under high workload

Liu Yuan namei.unix at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 14:39:48 CEST 2013

On 04/04/2013 10:16 AM, Werner van der Walt wrote:
> Sheep was started using the standard boot LSB script
> (/etc/init.d/sheepdog). I'm not currently using any additional startup
> parameters. There are no error entries or any additional entries in
> sheep.log when this happens. The VM just freezes and you have to force
> stop it. Once you restart it only shows a new entry in sheep.log again
> where it does the vm disk lookup.

I think you can use 'ps aux | grep sheep' to get start up command of
sheep daemon.

> The qemu-server version is 2.3-18 and pve-qemu-kvm is 1.4-8 which are
> the ones that come with the latest version of proxmox 2.3. As pve is
> using a custom qemu compile I can't do a drop in replacement with
> another version compiled from git.

I have no idea why QEMU has two parts in your proxmox box. If we don't
see any error in sheep.log, then probably the culprit is the qemu itself.

I guess you can have a try, just compile it and no need to install it.
Use explicit path to invoke qemu-system-x86_64 to set up your VM.


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