[sheepdog-users] Cluster snapshot load not working

Valerio Pachera sirio81 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 15:50:25 CET 2013

I've done htis procedure:

git pull
make uninstall
make clean
git checkout -b devel origin/devel
./autogen.sh && ./configure --enable-zookeeper && make -j 2 install

sheep -v
  Sheepdog daemon version 0.7.0_197_g9f718d2

Starting sheep I get:
Dec 17 15:23:25   INFO [main] main(887) shutdown
Dec 17 15:23:25   INFO [main] zk_leave(813) leaving from cluster
Dec 17 15:28:24   INFO [main] md_add_disk(310) /mnt/sheep/dsk02, vdisk nr
233, total disk 1
Dec 17 15:28:24  ERROR [main] init_config_file(99) This sheep version is
not compatible with the existing data layout, 2
Dec 17 15:28:24  ERROR [main] init_config_file(116) use '-u' option to
upgrade sheep store
Dec 17 15:28:24  ERROR [main] crash_handler(528) sheep pid 345 exited

I removed all files and format --copies 2 the cluster.

It seems to work fine:

before 'cluster snapshot save'
  dog vdi read -s 1 wheezy_template | md5sum
  00e6a6ec009c6218ac37c4aebd8c4766  -

after 'cluster snapshot load'
  dog vdi read wheezy_template -s 1 | md5sum
  00e6a6ec009c6218ac37c4aebd8c4766  -

I also run the guest before and after, and it works fine.
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