[sheepdog-users] bug report

kelphon at kingstor.com kelphon at kingstor.com
Mon Dec 23 12:17:46 CET 2013

1, run sheep with ssd cache before one week, (-w size=20000,dir=/ssdcache)

2, run sheep with out ssd cache for one week.

3, run sheep with ssd cache today with the same ¨Cw option.


Then I found the VMs disk is lost. 


So I check the VM¡¯s disk size. I found the vdi¡¯s size is 276M, but in fact
it should be 7GB.uploaded by user in the week.


I¡¡think when I re-enable the ssd cache, the old data in the cache is used
and overwrite the new data.


Please check the cache¡¯s work flow to fixed the bug



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