[sheepdog-users] some problems about sheepdog

liujet liujet at 126.com
Wed Jul 3 11:49:34 CEST 2013

Hi, I am a beginer. Hope experts can understand my poor English  and  help me. Thanks!
Follow the use's guide, I test a sheepdog vdi (run windows 2003)successfully on just one physical pc (collie cluster format --copies=1 ).
The envirotments :one pc running centos6.4, sheedog 0.6, qemu1.4.2. 
There are  3 problems comfused me.
1. qemu1.5 installed, when running qemu-system-x86_64 with parameter "-enable-kvm", fail to start the vdi. And then degreade to qemu1.4, an error appears "invalid write to memory region kvm-pic", but client OS running  normally and quickly.
2. In the client system(windows2003 server), download or copy files up to 100M bytes, the vdi seems halt and  recover after finishing  the download task, it cost quite a long time. why?
3. after installing the libvirt, virsh can start local raw image, but not with sheepdog, the error is about "not finding the sheepdog disk"
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