[sheepdog-users] Running instances and snapshots

Andrew J. Hobbs ajhobbs at desu.edu
Fri Jul 5 15:39:39 CEST 2013

Perhaps I'm missing something, but if I try to use:

qemu-img snapshot -c test someimg

My image then goes into read-only mode.  Is there a way to snapshot a running image without entering into this read-only mode?

Current configuration:
3 sheepdog nodes running 0.6.0_71_g7ccce0d, 2 are running 1.4.0 (Debian 1.4.0+dfsg-1expubuntu4), one is running a self-compiled 1.5.1.

I have two running instances on the nodes, one with qcow2 image, the other with a raw image in sheepdog.

My interest lies in uptime for the webserver instances.  I can cheerfully migrate the instance among the machines without issue, the next part would be being able to snapshot backup the instances without outage.

/usr/sbin/sheep -c zookeeper:,, -j dir=/var/lib/sheepjournal,size=1024 -w size=60000,dir=/var/lib/sheepcache -y /var/lib/sheepdog
/var/lib/sheepjournal is on a SSD OS boot drive.  /var/lib/sheepcache is on an SSD partition.  /var/lib/sheepdog is a 1 TB drive.  Using zookeeper as nodes are in different buildings, and multicast is not enabled on our switches.

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