[sheepdog-users] Gateway and storage on same device

Luca Lazzeroni luca at gvnet.it
Sat Jul 27 16:17:29 CEST 2013

I'm using sheepdog 0.6 stable and I read on sheepdog development mailing list that a new interesting feature is being developed: the ability to reconnect automatically to sheepdog on other nodes after a local sheep crash.
It's cool, of course, but it requires to upgrade qemu sheep block driver, which can be difficult in environment in which stable qemu release is a requirement.
I was asking myself if it could be possible to avoid this by launching 2 different sheep instances on same host, one in gateway mode, listening on port 7000 as usual, and the other in normal storage mode.
So, in case of crash of the storage process, the gateway should survive and work, without requiring modifications on qemu side.

Is this wrong ? Do the double-process-overhead is too high ?

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