[sheepdog-users] collie cluster snapshot

Andrew J. Hobbs ajhobbs at desu.edu
Thu Jul 25 21:35:10 CEST 2013

Just finished running a successful snapshot to the SMB share.  Thank 
you!  Total disk usage of the snapshot is 206G, total virtual image size 
is 270G, with collie node info listing 98G used.  I'm going to be 
deploying more virtual machines on these nodes over the next few days, 
and adding at least 2 more nodes to the cluster.

Not sure how to exactly determine amount of deduplication at this 
point.  The issue is a bit muddled as my data volumes are btrfs with 
compress=lzo set, and my images are stored in sheepdog in qcow2 format.  
So far the performance has been quite satisfactory in spite of this.

Eventually, I want to build a few baseline images I can clone from.  I 
should see more de-dup savings once that is implemented.

On 07/25/2013 04:19 AM, Liu Yuan wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 01:37:32PM +0000, Andrew J. Hobbs wrote:
>> Question on usage for this.  I've attempted to do this on a mounted SMB
>> share.  It seems cluster snapshots need xattr support as well? Is that
>> necessary?  I have a number of large shares available on servers that
>> would seem a perfect spot to place a cluster snapshot.
>> Can a cluster snapshot be taken, then moved to a SMB type share for
>> backup reasons?  IE: Could I move such a saved snapshot and restore
>> without silent issues due to attributes not being preserved?
> How is cluster snapshot working? Could you share us how much deduplication it
> can achieve?
> Thanks
> Yuan

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