[sheepdog-users] [sheepdog] [IRC meeting summary] June 7 2013

Liu Yuan namei.unix at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 09:59:56 CEST 2013

Good summery and Cc sheepdog-user list, especially we need designer for
sheepdog logo, help wanted!

On 06/08/2013 03:14 PM, Wenhao Xu wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> We had a successful IRC meeting yesterday. Thanks to everyone who made
> it. For those who didn't have time to join, here is a brief summary:
> 1. everyone's work sync and tech discussion:
> * QEMU auto-reconnection: If sheep daemon exits unexpectedly or need
> upgraded, all vms need to be closed because QEMU sheepdog driver doesn't
> support reconnecting to sheep daemon. If we have this feature in the
> QEMU driver, the upgrade process can be more smooth. No one is working
> on this currently. If you can help, it is more than welcome.
> * zookeeper driver improvement: handle session timeout correctly and
> make the driver more robust. Kai is working on this. 
> * libsheepdog: Create a library for accessing sheep objects. It will
> also be a foundation for different language bindings, e.g. python, ruby,
> golang, etc. Kai will work on this. Joseph also expressed the interests
> on the maillist.
> * S3-like Service: It is already on the roadmap. Both Yuan and Kai, and
> probably lots of others, expressed interests on this.
> * sheepdog profiling: sheepdog profiling will help us understand the
> internal execution of sheepdog for performance/feature
> improvement/debugging. This may be relied on current trace framework.
> This is also put on Kai's working list.
> * benchamark for performance test: Kazutatka is working on it.
> * recovery I/O control and different I/O channel priority: This is try
> to reduce the impact recovery I/O made to the VM I/O traffice. Kazutaka
> will work on this after Kai finishes sheepdog profiling.
> 2. Sheepdog Manual:
> Valerio is working on the sheepdog manual. It should be soon available
> for public review.
> 3. sheepdog-project website:
> We will have a new sheepdog website www.sheepdog-project.org
> <http://www.sheepdog-project.org>. Alessandro is working on it. There
> are several logo design available on www.sheepdog-project.org
> <http://www.sheepdog-project.org>. If you like one of them, please vote
> one you like. If you are a designer and have better idea, please send
> your design to us as well. ;) We need designers!
> 4. Regular IRC meeting
> Every two weeks on Friday UTC 8:00am. 
> You can also subscribe this calender for future sheepdog events:
> https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=02fvs8fd3h4nbnld060o3g1ruk@group.calendar.google.com
> Or if there are a strong need for a IRC meeting in other time, we can
> also schedule an IRC meeting on demand.
> Hope this will help you catch up. Please reply this email if I forgot to
> mention anything. Thanks.
> Have a nice weekend!
> Regards,
> Wenhao

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