[sheepdog-users] Problem with snapshots made with qemu-img

Ing. Luca Lazzeroni - Trend Servizi Srl luca at gvnet.it
Fri Jun 28 10:07:47 CEST 2013

if I make a snapshot of a running VM using:

qemu-img snapshot -c Pippo Pluto.raw

snapshot is created on all nodes, but its tag is updated on all nodes except the one running the VM.
On other nodes I can see, via "collie vdi list" the snapshot tag updated correctly, but on the node running the VM I see 2 VDI with the same name, different ID and empty Tag.

If I create the snapshot via "collie vdi snapshot", everything works fine and tag is propagated to all nodes; but I don't know if creating a snapshot with collie of a running VM with writeback cache enabled is a good idea in terms of data integrity…

Ing. Luca Lazzeroni - Trend Servizi Srl
Responsabile R&D

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