[sheepdog-users] unplug all disks from md

Liu Yuan namei.unix at gmail.com
Fri May 3 17:31:39 CEST 2013

On 05/03/2013 11:25 PM, Valerio Pachera wrote:
> I know, it doesn't really have meaning, but what happens if I unplug all
> the disks from a host?
> Actualy, I've done it.
> root at test007:~# collie node md info
> Id      Size    Use     Path
>  0      193 GB  6.9 GB  /mnt/sheepdog/obj
> root at test007:~# collie node md unplug /mnt/sheepdog/obj/
> I think this should be equivalent to a node kill.
> I didn't notice any recovery starting
>   collie node recovery
> It might have been fast, ot it might have skipped it.

I think goes too fast (data are very few?)

Every plug/unplug will trigger a recovery. Unplug all the disks would
make the node as a gateway only node.


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