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2014-12-02 3:31 GMT+01:00  <yang.bin18 at zte.com.cn>:
>> If every node in cluster point it`s /var/lib/sheepdog to the same share
>> storage(such as iscsi),can sheepdog work ? Or every node must point
>> /var/lib/sheepdog  to diffrent storage?

>I still think this is a non sense and is very different from Andrew
>From my understanding you what to use sheepdog nodes ad front-end, and
>something like a nas/san/iscsi as back-end.
>In such case, sheepdog is not what you are looking for.

>You may want to do the opposite: sheepdog nodes ad back-end (iscsi
>multipath or connecting directly by qemu) and use other powerful
>server ad front-end.

>What you ask is that:
>e.g. a nas export a folder by nfs.
>Each nod mount this folder in /media/nas
>Each node writes data in a subfolder

>Each node run sheep in its own directory
>  sheep -n /media/nas/node1
>  sheep -n /media/nas/node/node2
>  sheep -n /media/nas/nodeN
    In this model,if node1 down,whether can /media/nas/node1 be loaded 
within other node online and guest can still access the data in 
/media/nas/node1 existed.

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