[sheepdog-users] VDI accessed using sheepfs has wrong size when catting

Marcin Mirosław marcin at mejor.pl
Wed Jan 8 17:15:50 CET 2014

Hi again!
I've got one vdi with size 1GB:
# dog vdi list
  Name        Id    Size    Used  Shared    Creation time   VDI id
Copies  Tag
  testowy      0  1.0 GB  1.0 GB  0.0 MB 2014-01-08 15:49   cac836     3

I'm mounting volume (echo testowy > vdi/mount), then:
# ls -lah /mnt/test/volume/testowy
-rw------- 1 root root 1,0G 01-08 16:42 /mnt/test/volume/testowy

next I'm catting:
# cat /mnt/test/volume/testowy >/tmp/plik

When file /tmp/plik grows up to size 1.6GB I hitted ctrl+c on cat. Is it ok?

Sheepdog at d1f5e78ff1930, master branch.

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