[sheepdog-users] sheepdog replica number question

Andrew J. Hobbs ajhobbs at desu.edu
Mon May 5 18:01:36 CEST 2014

I would prefer the default be immutable for a given format, this is primarily because it's trivial to alter the number of copies at vdi creation time, or even use erasure coding depending on need.  The default should remain something sensible such as 3 simply as a guard for me forgetting to specify the copy count at creation time.

Not sure how useful in-place would be.  It's trivial to write out and read back an image in a different format.

On 05/05/2014 05:20 AM, Walid Moghrabi wrote:

I know this has already been asked before but is it planned to be able to change the default cluster format setting afterward ?
2 cases would be nice to take care of :
* change de default cluster format number so that new vdi use this new default value (pretty easy I guess)
* renumber, after many warnings, existing vdi copies so that a vdi that has been created with -c 2 can be upgraded to -c 3 for example



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On Mon, May 05, 2014 at 09:28:41AM +0800, 飞 wrote:
> hello, I have deployed sheepdog for test, and I format the cluster with 3 replica,but if I want to change the replica number of cluster or VDI, how to change it ? thank you.

You can create a vdi with whatever copies you want as following:

dog vdi create -c x your_vdi 100G

Sheepdog support different copies per vdi for a single cluster.

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