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Chao Lung Huang regis2261 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 20:14:18 CEST 2014

2014-09-02 20:06 GMT+02:00 黃昭龍 <regis2261 at gmail.com
>>*    And use sheepfs to mount the vdi to use as a normal file system storage
*>>* directory in two nodes.
>Why are you doing this?
>I think you must not access a vdi from two different nodes.
>With the latest master that can't even work because of vdi locking.

Because Sheepdog's node configuration is very easy than GlusterFS.

So I try to use sheepdog as a cloud file system to store user's various files.

I plan to use Samba to export the mounted directory,then users can
access their files via smb protocol.

>>*    When I try to use wget to download a iso file to this mount dir,I found
*>>* that the download progress will hang for a while and continue to download.
*>>*    This situation will repeat several times in the whole download period.
*>>*    Can I adjust the sheep or sheepfs option(I have open 10G directio
*>>* objectcache) to improve this problem ?
>At what speed is the download running?

The download speed is about 100 Mbits/s.File was download completely.

The problem is there are pause in the download progress.

>>>>*   Can I let the two nodes' mounted directory sync for the same vdi without
*>>* remouting ?
*>>>I suggest instead to export the directory by nfs.

I plan to export the mounted directory by samba. And users can access
their files via smb

protocol.Also use Linux HA mechanism to switch from failed node to
normal standby node to

keep uses can continue to access their files.

Do Sheepdog suitable for this kind of usage ?

>>*   I try to test Sheepdog block device(sbd),But I can't find the source of
*>>* sbd in the downloaded source code.
>sbd is a new feature so you can't find in 0.8.3 stable release.
>You have to use master branch.

Thanks. I will try it.
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