[sheepdog-users] i/o stuck on recovery

Maxim Terletskiy terletskiy at emu.ru
Sun Sep 14 17:57:54 CEST 2014


Today I've been restarted sheep process on one of my nodes with data in 
test cluster and noticed that I/O stuck on all VMs for almost 10 mins. 
Initially I've tried to do "service sheepdog restart" to change sheep 
settings(disable -D flag), but process doesn't started because of 
"previous session in zookeeper found" or so. Waited for 30 secs, 
executed "service sheepdog start", sheep started, "dog node recovery" 
showed my 3 nodes recovering. I had "pv /dev/vda > /dev/null" in 
terminal on one of my VMs. Right after restarting sheep pv stucked. 
After 5 minutes when "dog node recovery" showed me only one node 
recovering pv still was stucked. And only after 3-4 minutes later pv 
continued to reading from disk. Is it normal behavior?

  Have 3 nodes with data in the cluster, replication 2x, about 7Tb data 
assuming to "dog node info". Sheep 0.8.0, options:
-c zookeeper:,,,timeout=30 -i 
host=,port=7001 -y

Additionally one node have -D flag in options.

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