[sheepdog-users] Fwd: [sheepdog] Update of "Getting started" docs on Github wiki

Valerio Pachera sirio81 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 12:00:18 CEST 2014

2014-09-30 10:22 GMT+02:00 Hitoshi Mitake <mitake.hitoshi at lab.ntt.co.jp>:

> I agree if sheepdog-project.org can be good enough, of course. BTW,
> how about putting source of sheepdog-project.org on github, Valerio?

The site is managed by a CRM: wordpress, so there are no sources to edit.
It's possible to create accounts for other editors.

Sources of the manual may be managed with github (that was what we chose in
the beginning).
As of now, in sheepdog sources there's an old intro of the manual.
Other patches I sent didn't get merged.
Anyway, there are some consideration I matured along the manual creation:
- the manual is not a documentation about the sources of Sheepdog, so it
may be better to use a separate repository;
- the manual is probably going to be edited by non developers. Git may not
be the easier tool for that scope.
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