[sheepdog-users] sheepdog tgt multipath

Balázs Kónya brokerka at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 13:55:31 CEST 2015


First of all, sorry for my english! I'm wokring on it :)

I want to set up sheepdog with tgt and multipath support.
I'm a newbie.

On Debian Wheezy, build 3 nodes of sheepdog, the latest from git, and tgt

Everything working great, but i dont find any usabe "how-to" to setting up
the multipath.
I want to connect the sheeep cluster to XenServer with iSCSI

XenServer discover the single iSCSI path and LUN, and use it correctly.
But if one of my sheepdog node going to sleep with the fishies...after
The corrupted node going online, recovery is success, and iSCSI resource
starting on an other node...sheepdog, and iSCSI HA seeming correct (thanks
to pacemaker, corosnyc)...but..

Every time my VM's virtual disk become corrupted, but not the VDI inside
sheepdog cluster..
dog vdi check finishing successfully....

The mailfuncion become inside the virtual machine...

i found this article:

This article descibes the same problem that i have!

Based on this article, my sheepdog, and tgt is the latest...so multipath
supporting is possibly ok..

But how can i setup it, to work properly?
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