[sheepdog-users] What can I do with my .stale objects ?

Walid Moghrabi walid.moghrabi at lezard-visuel.com
Sun Jan 11 01:33:36 CET 2015


I had some troubles recently with my 2 node cluster. 
I'm running 0.8.2 and so far so good except that, due to my network configuration, I must run corosync using unicast udp. 
While doing a massive rsync between one of my nodes local filesystem and one of my VDI stored on Sheepdog, I encountered i/o problems due to network overload which made Corosync go into complete mess. 
Once I understood the problem, I took measures to limit bandwidth pressure and checked/repaired every VDIs (or delete them when needed), I ended up with a fully functionnal Sheepdog cluster with VDIs in good shape except that, on one of my 2 nodes, I have the /var/lib/sheepdog/obj/.stale which is full of data (about 1.7TB) which I don't have on the other node. 
I tried dog vdi cache purge but that didn't clean anything. 
What Can I do with this ? 
Can I simply discard these files manually and is it a safe procedure or is there any better way to do this ? 

Best regards, 

Walid Moghrabi 
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