[sheepdog-users] What can I do with my .stale objects ?

Valerio Pachera sirio81 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 10:57:12 CET 2015

2015-01-13 15:49 GMT+01:00 Walid Moghrabi <walid.moghrabi at lezard-visuel.com>:
> But, as you can see, node info is telling me that my cluster is nearly full
> (94%) where it should be around 30% used ... why ??

Were you using snapshots in the past? Or is proxmox using snapshot for
backups or something else?

> so far, seems to be stable but now, what can I do ?

You may try this:
- export a single vdi so you have a backup
- delete this vdi
- check if there are still objects in the cluster with its id [1]
- if there are not, then import the backup
- repeat the procedure for each vdi when you have time

as an example, vdi vm-1040-disk-1 has the id  1c693b
dog vdi delete vdi vm-1040-disk-1
find /your/object/folder -name "*1c693b*"

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