[sheepdog-users] Multidisk & ECC with one sheep daemon

Marcin Mirosław marcin at mejor.pl
Wed May 20 12:19:32 CEST 2015

I'd like to use one sheep daemon with Multi disk and use ECC for
cluster. I'm trying to do it in such way:
# sudo -u sheepdog sheep
# dog cluster format -c 2:1
Number of copies (3) is larger than number of nodes (1).
Are you sure you want to continue? [yes/no]: yes
using backend plain store
# dog vdi create vditest 10G
# dog vdi list
  Name        Id    Size    Used  Shared    Creation time   VDI id
Copies  Tag   Block Size Shift
  vditest      0   10 GB  0.0 MB  0.0 MB 2015-05-20 12:02   c584fa
2:1                22

Now I'm trying to use vdi using sheepfs:
# sheepfs /mnt/sheep/
# echo vditest > /mnt/sheep/vdi/mount
# echo foobar > /mnt/sheep/volume/vditest
-bash: echo: write error: Input/output error

In sheep's log I can find:
May 20 12:06:22  ERROR [gway 24304] gateway_forward_request(507) There
isn't enough copies(1) to send out (3)

# dog cluster info
Cluster status: running, auto-recovery enabled

Cluster created at Wed May 20 12:10:04 2015

Epoch Time           Version [Host:Port:V-Nodes,,,]
2015-05-20 12:10:04      1 []

# sheep -v
Sheepdog daemon version 0.9.0_161_gf30c170_dirty

Is it possible to use sheepdog in such configuration?

P.S. Yesterday I noticed that branch 0.9 wasn't added to clang analysis,
it's fixed.

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