[sheepdog-users] Very bad write performances with qemu driver (qemu-img convert)

Walid Moghrabi walid.moghrabi at lezard-visuel.com
Fri May 29 17:11:59 CEST 2015


I have a very strange behaviour with my setup. 
When I'm converting images from local to sheepdog for example with qemu-img convert, writing to sheepdog is very very slow (about 2-3MB/s) however, when I write directly to Sheepdog through dog vdi read, it works with good performances (more than 100MB/s). 

I'm pretty annoyed with this because it makes my life a bit mre complicated when I want to migrate volumes between storages or restore backups from ProxMox (which uses qemu-img for that) as it is extremely slow. 

Read/Write performances are good from within the VMs on the other hand ... 

This is pretty weird and I don't know where it fails. 

Any help mostly welcomed. 


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