[sheepdog-users] Issues with gateway mode

Gerald Richter richter at ecos.de
Sat Nov 7 13:05:25 CET 2015


I need to setup a storage cluster over slow network connections.

Sheepdog in gateway mode seems to be the ideal solution for me. That 
mean I have three or more storage nodes and a lot of gateway node that 
only uses the sheepdog cache. As long as most request are statisfied by 
the cache (which is an ssd), performance should be ok. Slow network 
connection aren't a problem as long as the cache uses write back mode.

I have setup a test environment with 0.9.2 . As long as the vm are small 
enough to fit completly in the cache it seems to work, but when the vm 
is bigger than the cache I get I/O errors after some time. Also after a 
reboot of the host machine it seems to take very long time, until I can 
boot the vm, also the cache is still uptodate.

Browseing through the mailing list archive I found 
where Hitoshi said "object cache is not maintained currently. Please do 
not use it.". Is this still true? or is there any way to use the setup I 
described above?

Thanks & Regards


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