[sheepdog-users] [ANNOUNCE] sheepdog stable release v0.9.3

Valerio Pachera sirio81 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 15:35:58 CET 2015

2015-11-17 17:49 GMT+01:00 Glen Aidukas <GAidukas at behaviormatrix.com>:

> Also, I used the sheepdog-utils tool to do the install which looks like it
> installed v0.9.0.

Sheepdog-utils installs master branch.
If you run it again, it will download the latest version of sheepdog.
Notice that the aster branch is not the stable release.

> So, what are the differences in the different branches, what should I be
> using?

I think you may ignore the different branches.
When you run git clone you are in master branch.
When stable version is released, you may want to dowonload the tar.gz from
github and build it from there.

> What are the dependencies in order to compile (if not using the
> sheepdog-util).
For debian I install these packages that allow me to build sheepdog and
also qemu.

automake pkg-config liburcu2 liburcu-dev zlib1g zlib1g-dev libglib2.0-dev
libpixman-1-dev groff build-essential git libfdt-dev zookeeper zookeeperd
libzookeeper-mt-dev libfuse-dev yasm libtool

> I also see a branch named sheepdog-ng.  How does this differ?

Sheepdog-ng is not a branch but a fork.
It's developed by other developers and has some key differences compared to
It aims to simplify some aspects (i.e. it doesn't support per volume
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