[sheepdog-users] Cluster or VDI onlinecheck

Thomas Naumann thomas.naumann at ovgu.de
Fri Aug 11 11:43:57 CEST 2017


im running a proxmox-sheepdog-cluster for testing purpose in virtualbox 
- 5 VMs as proxmoxnodes
- each proxmoxnodes has 3 disks for sheepdogcluster (mounted on 

root at p1:~# pveversion
pve-manager/5.0-30/5ab26bc (running kernel: 4.10.17-2-pve)
root at p1:~# dpkg -l | grep sheep
ii  pve-sheepdog 1.0.2-1                        amd64        Distributed 
storage system for KVM/QEMU

is there a way to do online verification with "dog cluster check" or 
"dog vdi check xxx" while VMs are running?
are there technical differences between "dog cluster check" and "dog vdi 
check xxx"? for my understanding "dog cluster check" checks every vdi 
one after another or happens anything else?
is it safe to run "dog vdi check -e xxx" while VM is running?


best regards
Thomas Naumann

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