[sheepdog-users] memory usage?

Takashi Menjo menjo.takashi at lab.ntt.co.jp
Mon Jan 23 12:54:55 CET 2017

Hello icez network,

Thanks for your report.

In some cases, Sheepdog can consume a huge amount of memory to get killed by
OOM-killer. AFAIK, it is because very many worker threads spawn in a sheep
daemon when a large number of new requests arrive at that sheep's work queue(s)
and remain unprocessed due to heavy load.

If you want to avoid OOM-killer with version 1.0.1, -w/--wq-threads option may
help you. This lets the number of worker threads for work queue(s) be fixed.

Takashi Menjo <menjo.takashi at lab.ntt.co.jp>

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> Hello,
> I found sheepdog sometimes got killed by OOM and after monitoring it a while
> it show sheepdog is consuming large amount of memory. Let say 4-5 GB On average
> + some node using more than 10GB. Also there's sometimes that the memory usage
> rose without stop until OOM killed it (especially when it's recovering). Is
> it normal for sheepdog to consume such amount of memory?
> I'm running sheepdog 1.0.1 + zookeeper on debian jessie.
> http://icez.net/files/ss/c-20170123-165059.png
> Regards,
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