[Sheepdog] Q: stripping / robustness / kvm resume+suspend / ..

Daniel Schwager Daniel.Schwager at dtnet.de
Fri Dec 4 20:48:50 CET 2009

Hi MORITA Kazutaka,

first of all - I would like to thank you for this great
project - I like your approach (independent of the java dependency ;-)

We think about using sheepdog as a storage base replacement (instead
solaris zfs)
for our platform opensource-online.org.

Before (practicaly) starting evaluation, I would like to know some
simple issues:

1. is it possible to use sheepdog as storage for resuming/suspending
   KVM machines ? Normaly, kvm invokes a command like dd or cat to
   store/restore the RAM to/from disk ... this may will not work
   with sheepdog in the current version, or ? 

2. to be sure - the KVM machines could run on a sheepdog  server member,
   but can also run on not-sheepdog-server machine connecting
   to the sheepdog cluster via IP and multicast.

3. Can i change the "stipping" (means count of servers "hosting" the
same data blocks)
   after I created the cluster ? Sure - I can add some servers to
   HDD-storage - but can I change the stripping from e.g. 3 to 5 to
   performance ?

4. KVM-server - can I configure the kvm-server (hosting the kvm-vm's) 
   to using ethernet trunking (2 x 1GBit) - or does this cause problems
   with the multicast sheepdog communication to the kvm-server ?

5. Robustness 
   - could it be used for productive enviroment (what's your feeling ;-)
   - do you have some running productive enviroment based on sheepdog
     (beside of your test bed)

best regards from germany

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