[Sheepdog] sheepdog image created but sheperd does not show it

Piavlo piavka at cs.bgu.ac.il
Thu Dec 24 22:59:02 CET 2009


I've rebuild sheepdog/kvm from latest git sources today on 3 nodes
on each node started sheepdog on a freshly created btrfs with
 start-sheepdog -d=/sheepdog/
 shepherd mkfs --copies=2
on one of the nodes and converted raw lvm image to sheepdog with:

shell>  kvm-img convert -f raw -O sheepdog /dev/sys/kvm-img zopa
sd_open 1357: 0 non current inode was open.
sd_claim 1492: zopa
sd_create_branch 1620: 0 is not current.
sd_create_branch 1632: 0 is created.
sd_create_branch 1646: 0 was newly created.
sd_release 1533: zopa
sd_close 1478: zopa
shell> shepherd info -t sheep
Id      Size    Used    Use%
 0      96G     3G        4%
 1      96G     3G        4%
 2      96G     3G        4%

BUT i don't see it any VMs

shell> shepherd info -t vm
Name            |Vdi size |Allocated| Shared  | Status
shell> shepherd info -t vdi

while it worked before todays upgrade.

PS. another question since I've used --copies=2 , i've expected to find
each sheepdog  VM block repliacted to 2 nodes not 3 but
under /sheepdog/0/  i see that exactly the same number (with same names)
of files where created on all 3 nodes - the only exceptions
is that /sheepdog/0/vdi/zopa was created only on 2 nodes.
Is that expected and what is the actual meaning --copies=N ?


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