[Sheepdog] [PATCH 0/6] merge sheep and puppy into one sheepdog daemon, collie

Chris Webb chris at arachsys.com
Wed Dec 2 20:05:15 CET 2009

MORITA Kazutaka <morita.kazutaka at lab.ntt.co.jp> writes:

> I merged sheep and puppy into one process to avoid extra overhead, remove
> redundant code, and simplify sheepdog architecture.

I think this is an excellent plan. sheep and puppy/dog were already quite
interdependent, and merging the two will make maintenance and understanding
the code much easier. I've just successfully tested the new combined daemon
on top of corosync, and it seems to work very well---great stuff!

Incidentally, I had assumed the requirement for btrfs is because you use
BTRFS_IOC_CLONE for copy-on-write behaviour to get cheap atomic updates in
the same way I was doing in my block store. I can't see this being called at
any point in store.c though. Which btrfs features are we actually using in
sheepdog at the moment?

Best wishes,


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