[Sheepdog] [PATCH 0/4] collie: fix a socket leak problem

Piavlo piavka at cs.bgu.ac.il
Fri Feb 12 21:21:18 CET 2010

Another small problem "shepherd info -t sheep" is not showing correct info.

This is after image creation:
fire-srv3 ~ # shepherd info -t sheep
Id      Size    Used    Use%
 0      12G     0G        0%
 1      11G     0G        0%
 2      13G     0G        0%

Total   37G     0G        0%, total virtual VDI Size    5G
fire-srv3 ~ #

And this is before - on clean system:
ire-srv3 ~ # shepherd info -t  sheep
Id      Size    Used    Use%
 0      14G     0G        0%
 1      14G     0G        0%
 2      14G     0G        0%

Total   44G     0G        0%, total virtual VDI Size    0G
fire-srv3 ~ #

As yoiu can see the Used and Use% is not updated. And Size is showing
free space , instead of total size.


Piavlo wrote:
> With this i do not see the fd leaks anymore indeed, thanks.
> MORITA Kazutaka wrote:
>> Current collie exhausts local ports to connect to other nodes.
>> It is because the ports become in TIME-WAIT state after we closed connections
>> and we cannot reuse them for a while (60 seconds in my environment).
>> In addition, there is a socket leak in the error handling path.
>> This patchset fixes them.
>> Regards,
>> Kazutaka Morita

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