[Sheepdog] restarting sheepdog storage issue

Piavlo piavka at cs.bgu.ac.il
Thu Jan 7 23:10:08 CET 2010


I've noticed that after stopping all sheepdogs, I need to start them in
the same order as then the cluster was setup for
the first time (or maybe I just need to start first the node one which
mkfs was run - not sure)
otherwise sheepdogs do not communicate:

fire-srv4 ~ #  shepherd info -t dog
  Idx   Node id (FNV-1a)    - Host:Port
fire-srv4 ~ #     
fire-srv4 ~ #  shepherd info -t sheep
Id      Size    Used    Use%

Total   0G      0G      -2147483648%, total virtual VDI Size    0G
fire-srv4 ~ #

While they do communicate at corosync level:
fire-srv4 ~ # corosync-cpgtool
Group Name             PID         Node ID
                      3031        53364868 (
                     28593        86919300 (
                     15526        70142084 (1921.1.4)
fire-srv4 ~ #   

after stopping sheepdogs and restarting in the "RIGHT" order storage
works again.


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