[Sheepdog] Corrupted VDI repository after Electricity offline

Wido den Hollander wido at pcextreme.nl
Thu May 20 14:49:06 CEST 2010

Hi Angelo,

>From what i've read Sheepdog isn't really suited yet for a situation
where the whole cluster goes down.

I saw the same issues when i turned off my cluster after a day at work.

Dig a little bit back in the ml, you will find a answer from the

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On Thu, 2010-05-20 at 20:16 +0800, 彧 wrote:
> Hi:
> The sheepdog project works fine with my 3 Debian/squeeze boxes.
> Until an unexpected electricity offline occurred.
> After I restarted sheepdog services, some VDIs were missing.
> I wonder if UPS and a clean shutdown helps.
> So, I create a new sheepdog repository and shutdown each box
> sequentially and concurrently
> to simulate in-order clean shutdown and emergency shutdown in parallel
> for all nodes.
> The result is terrible. All case, VDI repository corrupts.
> Is the sheepdog designed for a non-stop environment?
> or I missed something?
> Thank you.
> Angelo Liaw.

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